The Variable is Daniel Faraday

As soon as I saw that Lost’s 100th episode was titled “The Variable” my mind immediately focused on Faraday. While a constant represents a value that is unchanging a variable represents change. This is why I think that the newly returned Faraday came back because he has figured out a way to change time. Now this would apparently violate the whatever happened happened rule, but what if time changing was always what happened? I know that seems a little nonsensical but what if events like the purge occured due to Faraday changing time, it follows that this change in time was what always happened. Another piece of support for this theory is the timeline map that Ceasar finds in “the life and death of jeremy bentham”. There’s a distinction between real time and various other extrapolates of an over-arching time line. So maybe the over-arching timeline includes a change in a subset timeline.

So I was thinking what exactly Faraday would do to change time and I ended up thinking of jughead. In the episode he asks ellie to bury it because “50 years from now this island is still here”. So jughead was buried and stayed that way for 50 years, maybe Faraday will attempt to change this fact. Feel free to share you opinions.

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8 thoughts on “The Variable is Daniel Faraday

  1. I like this theory. I think Desmond will have some big part in this as well. As Faraday said, “The rules, rules don’t apply to you. You’re special. You’re uniquely and miraculously special.” Kinda cheesy but should be fun to see

  2. I’m voting Jack as the variable. He’s been pretty useless so far. (Maybe Jin. I can’t figure out why he’s anywhere ‘cept to impregnate someone on the island. Watch out girls … )

  3. Well, if change is what always happens then is that really change (in the sense that something we know happens suddenly doesn’t happen or the other way around)?

    Have you ever tried to tie a complicated knot and when you pull the ends the string just straightens out?

  4. giridharkezia, a ‘variable’ has many implications. I do think Daniel Faraday will attempt to change something, but it may be more in the literal sense of things.

    It is also very hard to analyze and speculate on those implications, until the episode actually airs.

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