Why John, Sun, Frank and Ben are seperate from the rest and why John is different now

John’s suicide note said ‘I wish you had believed me’ so when Jack read this he then knew John had made that wish (and maybe even started to want that himself).

Ben said in season 3 that there was a metaphorical ‘magic box’ that could provide you with whatever you want – I think that magic box is the island and that people who are special however John and Ben are (possibly Jack too) can manifest what they really want and that either Ben or Jack’s wish for Jack to have believed John has come true and they are in some sort of tangent reality where they are the only ones who survived.

It’s also possible that this is why John is so different because he would have become leader and gained a much greater understanding of the island. Another thought which followed this but has no evidence is that the island itself may be a manafestation

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Illya Kuryakin

6 thoughts on “Why John, Sun, Frank and Ben are seperate from the rest and why John is different now

  1. Illya Kuryakin (cool namesake, btw), I am fairly certain that ‘the island’ has been established as ‘the metaphorical box’, at least in some minds.

    I am not certain this metaphor only applies to ‘special people’, as it may apply to anyone on ‘the island’, if they know how to use it.

    This may lend itself well to the notion of ‘what lies in the shadow of the statue’, if this is where the secrets of ‘the island’, are kept.

    Where I think you may be 100% accurate is, with ‘the island’ itself being the manifestation of someone or something. I think this ideology would extend beyond Jacob, as he was only a man, however, it could be a creation/manifestation of a far greater deity.

    Good thoughts!

  2. well i think the magic box of the island doesn’t exactly give you what you want. i think initially gives you what you want, only to help you realize what you really need.

    examples: charlie wanted heroine, which the island gave him in the statues, but then it gave him the ability to quit through choice, not through lack of supply

    locke: wanted to walk again, but then got what he needed in acceptance and a home.

    sawyer: he began conning people and gained power and got with all the hot chicks on the island, and then “grew up” with juliette.

  3. great point, ekolocation! You always have great comments, btw.
    I was thinking that this is how Mittleos, Ben, and Richard make things happen for their scenario. You wish for something to happen, and then, based on the island’s sporadic ability to grant wishes, it comes true. Ben has figured out how to harness this energy to his advantage.

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