Walt – Other’s Leader or Anti-Leader?

Walt is ‘special’. John was ‘special’.
Walt was given tests. John was given tests.
Walt said the Others were pretending.
Walt was in room 23.
Walt was allowed to leave the island and live a normal life while Michael wasn’t.
Big Walt appears to John, get’s him to not kill himself, tells him he’s not paralyzed and to get up as he as work to do.

So – is Walt a future Other’s leader … or is he one they don’t want around? (If the former, how will they summon him later and why let him live off-island for so long? Maybe he’ll gain knowledge he needs back there? Will the island ‘save’ him as it has Ben & Locke [and maybe Widmore]?)

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5 thoughts on “Walt – Other’s Leader or Anti-Leader?

  1. i think walt is the guy that was at the hospital, who told locke to go on a walk about,the same guy that debriefed naomi,the same guy that visited hurley in the nut house.I’ve forgotten what he called himself!….he’s from the future.He’s a future version of walt……unless i’m missing something………It’s like ellie.I dont believe she is who she says she is.I actually think ellie,old ellie that is,she is from the future,and i think she is claire,just an old version of claire from the future,Probably about fifty years in the future.Who’d know.

  2. I originally thought that Walt was Abbadon until I saw “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” where Abbadon and Walt in the same frame. Of course having seen Miles and baby Miles together has brought that idea up again for me – Abbadon and Walt did not make contact, but I do not believe that Abbadon was especially trying to avoid Walt.

    I do feel that Abbadon was sort of a mysterious character turned bland and then killed. Would his death do anything to Walt if they are the same? Do the island rules of time travel apply to off island time travel, if it even exists? So until I see more evidence I still have to believe that Walt and Abbadon are not the same.

  3. waycurious, this is a great question!

    I think Walt proved to be too much of a handful for Ben and ‘the others’.

    When he was placed in Room 23, which was for brainwashing purposes, he created all kinds of havoc for ‘the others’. I believe this won him his ‘golden ticket’ off of ‘the island’. They could not control Walt.

    I do believe that Walt’s powers may very well be in opposition of ‘the others’. The Walt that appeared to John Locke in the pit, was a trick used by the smoke monster to convince John to get out of the pit.

    We know that Walt has respect for John Locke, and warned him of the impending danger on ‘the island’ that laid ahead of him, so if John is in dire need, I would expect Walt to return.

    How he does this, I don’t know.

  4. I would definately think Walt will play an important role somewhere down the line. I also think there is something to be said about Walt not knowing his dad is dead. I believe we will get to see Walt forgive Michael, or at the very least tell him how much he loves him.

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