eloise hawking… the third party?

I’m not sure if this has been discussed so do forgive me if it has 🙂 Also, just want to say that I love this site and all the theories posted on here!

I remember reading somewhere that the ‘what-lies-in-the-shadow-of-the-statue’ people (e.g. Illana and Bram) are actually not connected to either Ben or Widmore but a third party altogether. Also, Illana tells Sayid that she is after him because of the man he killed on the golf course.

Now, we all know that Ben is as transparent as the cemented wall behind the electromagnetic force in the Swan and that he twists, turns and hides the truth every chance he gets.

So here’s what I think – Ben knows of this ‘third party’ and uses Sayid to eliminate their members. And from the kidnapping of Miles – I’d say they are trying to keep people OFF the island. I’m not sure where their interests lie (maybe in the shadow of the statue!!)… but I think that Ben feels the less of them there are, the better it is for him.

This led me to think of Eloise Hawking. It does appear that she is on Ben’s side but some things don’t add up. Firstly, Ben didn’t have info of her and her whereabouts – he had to get that from Locke. Secondly, he was clearly surprised when Desmond said ‘you’re looking for Faraday’s mother?’ outside the Lamppost. And finally, he showed he was not happy about Jack speaking to Eloise in private.

I then thought of her relationship with Widmore. A couple of things that tells me they’re not playing for/ in the same team. One is that though he knows where she is, he has not been in contact with her for a while and the other is that if they were working together – she would have told him how to get back to the island as she did with the O6 (people she just only met). So… I think that she’s part of the ‘third party’.

Any thoughts?

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11 thoughts on “eloise hawking… the third party?

  1. Hi carolyndee, thanks for your comment, but I think you have brought out a few points, I didn’t touch upon.

    I am not certain if I would place Charles Widmore with ‘the others’ any longer, given he was exiled by them. His ‘rule’ seemed to be at odds with ‘the others’.

    losts-colombo brought a good point about Ms. Hawking, and says he believes she may be more of a ‘neutral’ party. She seems to dislike Ben, but does help him, even if she is reluctant. We know she doesn’t appear to do the same for Widmore.

    This indicates to me, that Ms. Hawking is not aligned at all with Charles Widmore. I think this dislike goes beyond any personal dislike she may have for him. It would appear, that she is in direct opposition of him.

  2. I think hawking is defo in charge of the 3rd party don’t you think it’s strange how she figured out which plane was going to the island next then their just happenend to be another group wanting to get on the island on it. I think she has 2 things on the go she wanted john to get the losteis back on the island but when that failed she just used ben as a pawn if you noticed he is only told very little about the operation and he isn’t happy about it he is not used to being out the loop and I think she organized the other groupvto be on the plane I don’t no what for yet but it should be interesting finding out, it has to be something with the fdw because the well lies in the shadow of the statue

  3. i agree that their is indeed a third party! Ben, Widmore, and …? Eloise Hawking is a good guess. I don’t think Widmore and Ellie are romantically involved. I think they acted more like Bro & Sis.
    At first i thought ilana was working for Ben (w/out knowing it) and her job was to get Sayid on that plane; now it appears she is working with the “SHADOW” group.
    What lies in the shadow of the statue…isn’t it the DONKEY WHEEL? Later the well, then the orchid.
    Faraday is most likely the nice young man who in the 70s created the equation to get back to the island. The 3rd Group (the SHADOW GrOUP), could def be her creation. Maybe she feels guilty about what was done to Dharma and exiled herself before it happened. (was she there in Ben’s flashbacks?) Maybe now she feels its time to intervene between Ben and Widmore, who both clearly have been demoted by the island. The Q is, why does the island want the LOST-AWAYS in the 70s? What are they ‘sposed to do? It seems like they won’t get out of the 70s till season 6.
    I don’t want LOST to end in only 4 episodes!!!

  4. I really like this theory about Eloise being part of a third party. It makes me wonder what her party’s actual motivation for helping the Losties and Ben might be as well as what their interest in the island is. I wonder if she has any connection to the Degroots or Hanso. I think Daniel comes back to the island from a stint at Ann Arbor myself so that may be where that connection stems from.

  5. Thanks aye brotha!

    Oh yes! Wonder what dear dan was doing in Ann Arbor. I also think that he will be the one to tell us what we need to know about eloise.

    I’m still trying to figure out possible links as to what their motivation is.. For example the man in the monastery where Desmond was keeping his vow of silence. Maybe he’s part of this third party as well?

  6. It has potential. I see your point. Or maybe Jacob is the third party. Or maybe the survivors are the third party, they just don’t know about it yet. 🙂

  7. I would like to know why Widmore knew about her and Ben didn’t.

    Someone said that maybe she was Widmore’s ex-wife and the mother of both Faraday and Penny. Don’t know If that’s the case or not but that would make sense in Faraday/Desmond/Penny relation.

    This third faction is a mistery, it could be a whole bunch of things from the Hanso-Foundation folks to whatever.

    Can’t wait for todays episode 😉

  8. The Shadow group are as yet too shadowy for speculation.

    For all we know they could be financed by Hurley. He bought out 78 seats on 316, why not all of them? Also while we have seen the backstory of all the other 06 frequent island flyers we have yet to be given Hurley’s. Maybe we are in for a big reveal. Also, it has been sad that it is Gorge Garcia’s voice we hear on the 316 radio reciting the numbers in a loop.

    All the Shadows are ex-inmates from Santa Rosa who have allied with Hurley to put a stop to the numbers conspiracy! Inside their box is Lenny, faintly reciting the numbers over and over again…


  9. Sorry about the above. Not poking fun at any of the ideas voiced. Just looking forward to learning more about the mysterious ‘Shadow’

    (Speaking of ‘the Shadow’ has anyone ELSE seen the video THE GAMERS?)

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