Juliet will die! not a spoiler, just a guess!

Why not?

That would certainly make things interesting between Jack-Kate-Sawfleur

I don’t see Juliets purpose right now other than being in the way! Everyone else seems to have some sort of agenda and she is like, “I am chilling with Sawfleur and we are fine! even though its 1977, I am fine!” delusional maybe!

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5 thoughts on “Juliet will die! not a spoiler, just a guess!

  1. lol Sawfleur

    i guess, that might happen. but I think theres more that the writers could do with her. maybe her purpose is to screw with Kate a bit before the end of the season, maybe she dies then, which would kinda suck.

  2. Wait… after that “Here we go” line from her your not interested to see what she knows about what’s happened/going to happen? I’m pretty positive she’ll be here to the end. Simply because she’s ben’s remember, maybe they’ll throw that into play in the sixth season and we can have a love pentagon!!!

  3. I’d be totally pissed, unless she dies in a really cool(or rather – epic, heroic)way. Something I suspect will eventually heppen, Juliet(after Shakespeare’s female protagonist, no doubt, so…. we all know the end to Romeo & Juliet, right..)I absolutely love Juliet, she’s one of my all time top-Heroines(A shout-out to my main girl Buffy!) and I couldn’t be happier that she and Sawyer ended up together. I didn’t see it coming, not at all, but I imbraced it right away. Jack doesn’t deserve Juliet, and Kate does not deserve Sawyer, end of discussion. I do feel however that she will be with us to the end(which really isn’t that far away, only one season to go after this one, right) She’s just way too cool to be wsted away, a stone colled killer when she has to, impressive people skills, capable of solving most heated situations simply by remaining calm and cold, and never lost for words(Even when confronted alone by illwilled Sawyer(wasn’t really James to her back then, huh) and Sayid) Will she die – yes, probably, I wouldn’t say I didn’t see it coming.. But When, how, and most importantly: Why – is yet to be seen.

  4. @ thelostprophet

    it wont be a love pentagon, some new people will be brought in. i will turn into a love OCTAGON to make up the Dharma symbol. Jacob or Locke will be in the middle.

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