Ben’s got blood from the future

Since Kate gave Ben her blood when he was in the hospital, now Ben has blood from the future running in his veins.
This could surely give him unique powers. Since many people here believe (and I too) that Miles will get his power when he get in touch with his future self, maybe this is the way Ben got his future knowledge.

This is not a full theory, but just a thought I just get rewatching the 13rd. episode.

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18 thoughts on “Ben’s got blood from the future

  1. While interesting I just do not see this playing out well in “Lost”. It sounds very comic book-ish to me, I am just waiting for him to shoot webs or something.

    While members of the casts blood may make them special I more think if it is that it is their lineage or bloodline that makes them special

  2. Does’nt look like anyone is agreeing with you lichorosario.Let me tell you what i think about ben.Ben’s an oportunist.Since he’s been aware of the donkey wheel, he’s been using it for his own selfish financial gain.He’s also responsible for several deaths of young woman, who, he himself kept on the island to try to give birth, knowing they would die.Everything ben has ever done was for ben’s benefit.Ben might well become enhanced by future blood ,but not for the better.We all know benjamin linus don’t we!Do we really want to see him survive?I’ve already decided that all the events beginning to end ,are for the eventual demise of evil ben.He’s spoiled himself over the years ,coming and going ,living the high life.Where did he get all those passports?Where did he get all his money?It seems to me that everyone still alive from the others group know he’s a lying swine, and they just let him carry on living in his little dream world,because they all know it will be just a matter of time before he get’s what’s coming to him.Benjamin linus is a communist.He might well be an accidental commy,and maybe over the years he’s been reading the wrong books.There’s a lot about the real world(outside of the island) ben is simply completely unaware of.People are’nt stupid are they!.Assuming all the others believe his every word would be naive.

  3. Don’t know…

    But I think Ben has no powers at all. He has the ability of a con man among many other things but no real special ability like Miles, Desmond, and most of the Oceanic survivors.

    He knows stuff because he knows how to use time on his favor with the help of the island.

    Mile on the other hand probably got his at some point during the DHARMA purge or evacuation (we are yet to discover how things really rolled out) by being affected by whatever his father was playing with.

    But could be from anything, hell… we don’t even know if they (DHARMA) weren’t running experiments with their own children 🙂

  4. Communist?

    Do you really know what that word means or all you know is what you read from the papers during the cold war?

    Please! LOST is not about politics, LOST is about Good x Evil, Faith x Science and their balance. The Yen and Yang of things.

    Ben couldn’t be an opportunist in that hard sense nor that bad of a person otherwise smokey would have him killed already.

    And Richard for sure would not kill someone to save his life.

    He’s just someone that likes a bit too much the idea of having control over things and seize situations by any cost. A schemer, that has his part in this big puzzle in favor to the island.

    Sorry but a guy that saves a baby from being murdered in cold blood can’t be that bad. Also his daughter was only killed because he has put the island before the life of anyone in there. Including his own adopted daughter.

    If he got caught by Widmore’s guys most in there would be dead and those who left would never return to the island.

    The whole DHARMA genocide is another story, and one that we are yet to fully understand. But just because the DHARMA folks look like nice hippies doesn’t mean that they were working for good things in the grand scheme of things and Ben probably knew that.

    Anyway; in 18 months from now we all know what is what and the whys of everything about LOST.


  5. Lichorosario:

    I think this is a fascinating idea.

    If you add the fact that the blood comes from a patricidal Kate it would explain Ben’s ultimate decision to take care of Daddy personally rather than just let him die with the other Dharmites…

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