I can’t tell you exactly when I saw this (I think it was the first season), but I saw Ben as a security gaurd or something at the airport before everybody got on Oceanic Flight 815. Somebody please check this out!!!!! I forgot about ’till just now!!!

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17 thoughts on “I SAW BEN BEFORE THEY GOT ON PLANE 815

  1. Yup, definitely during Locke’s dream in the sweat lodge. After the hatch explosion and before he went to save Eko from the polar bear. Hurley was at the counter and Desmond was a pilot, I think…

  2. I was just putting this up here ’cause I wasn’t 100% sure anyway, so if that is really the case, then I admit that I am wrong. Thanks for clearing that up, though.

  3. So Lost4815162342, you felt you needed to publicly humiliate this other person to get your vengeance for time wasted? I’m sorry, but that’s really mean spirited, not only to nicklausislost (whom I’ve never seen nor met) but also to the person asking the question.

    Everyone here chooses to spend their time finding answers and posting theories. If you are so keen to find Ben in a season previous to his being hired onto the program, then you excited to find that information and wasting your own time. No one made you do it.

    Sorry to be crabby, but I’ve grown silent lately due to an increase in mud slinging and pettiness and it makes me sad to see it.

  4. Thanks for speaking your mind sohrshah!

    I would suspect that’s why many people are reluctant to write a theory, pose a question, or make a comment, for fear they will suffer the same humiliation at the hands of a few!

    One person who started doing this, was promptly dealt with by the admin. on this site, and a few have followed suit, thinking this is acceptable behaviour.

    It is mud-slinging, and it is tasteless, petty and sad, and this is not that other website, where anything goes!

    Please treat others, as you would wish to be treated! Thank-you.

  5. hey lost 4815162342……..ive a you think it would be an original/unique idea to write a story which which ended exactly where it began.maybe a book, when completed you could just go back to page one and continue the story as if it was the next chapter?…..a lover of books reads the same books over again.tell me this would be a great idea,thats all im asking

  6. Frankly no one cares about what some guy from another board did at some other time which apparently wasn’t at all like what has happened here, so why even bring it up? *sigh* There’s no more point arguing with you, but please be aware that your attitude, while similar to highbrow’s patented swanky snobbery, lacks his tongue in cheek approach, and he certainly doesn’t come off as a very young and easily excitable person. Don’t expect to be taken as seriously.

  7. You want tongue and cheek, sohrshah? Fine. At least I seem able to get excited every now and then, and admit that I am wrong when I am. Where as you, on the other hand, seem to think a person cannot be taken seriously if generally have a good attitude about life (which you clearly don’t have), and you seem to feel the need to add drama to something that isn’t even related to the website. I blog here because we talk about Lost here, and if you can’t stay on that subject, sohrshah, then don’t expect to be taken seriously yourself.

    (I’m sorry to those of you who are not sohrshah that have just wasted your time reading this.)

  8. Oh, crap!!! I just read all that through again. I owe you an apology, sohrshah. I am sorry. Wow, oh man, I am so sorry. I thought when you didn’t type in a name you just meant me… about the Ben thing. Sorry!!! Im NOT here to make enemies. I was wrong and I am sorry.

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