Do you ever have Lost dreams?

The reason I ask this is because last night I had a dream about Desmond, well actually, more Henry Ian Cusick. And no, it wasn’t a naughty dream ๐Ÿ˜‰

I dreamt that we were best buds and we talked about Lost and other stuff and then for some reason I gave him a lift to the hospital. (I have no idea why). Anyway, I parked in the car park and waited for him to come out but he was taking forever so I went to see what was taking so long and I was only gone for a few minutes and when I got back my car had been clamped! Then Henry arrived and he paid the fine so that I could have my car back – lol. It felt very real and it felt like we were really friends… imagine my dissapointment when I woke up lol

Anyway, that dream isn’t as bizzare as some other Lost dreams I’ve had. The weirdest one also involves Desmond (actually Desmond this time, not Henry lol).

It must’ve been when The Constant had aired. The dream I had saw Desmond and Sayid arrive on the freighter but they were told to hide in this room. They didn’t know what was happening until another Desmond and Sayid arrived on the frieghter. It kept happening over and over again and they had to do a certain routine for them to come out of the “loop”, only Desmond didn’t want to and he found a way back to the island. The only thing is that all the Desmonds that were in the loop ended up back on the island so the island had about 5 Desmonds roaming around on it lol.

I seem to remember that if all Desmonds were to see each other they’d turn into Jacob.

But it was quite a while so can’t remember all the details. But dreaming about 5 Desmonds isn’t something to complain about ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyhow – now that I’ve shared those, anyone care to share theirs? ๐Ÿ™‚

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11 thoughts on “Do you ever have Lost dreams?

  1. emzi, at least you have Desmond in your dreams! lol

    I had never dreamed about Lost or any of the characters until this season.

    In the first dream I was on ‘the island’ with Sayid, and he was talking about some heavy-duty philosophical sh*t, and then asked me to help him ambush Ben and ‘the others’! Not sure what all happened, but I recall shooting at people. lol

    The second dream, was Miles (Ken Leung) who pulled a ‘home invasion’ on me, and yes you guessed correctly, if you thought he asked me for 3.2 million dollars! I told him I didn’t have the cash, and he then asked me, if I could put it up in stocks, instead! lol

    Who needs therapy, when you have a good imagination! lol

  2. ive had multiple dreams. one that stuck out was one i had where me and patchie (mikhail) had to prevent a luxury cruise ship from reaching the island. and also in the dream jack woke up next to kate in a bed, this was right before the flash forward episode with jack and kate where u see jack and kate together off island. weeeirrd

  3. lol Dabs – those are great dreams ๐Ÿ˜€ I wouldn’t mind helping Sayid ambush the others hehe And the dream with Miles asking for 3.2m is very funny! It’s amazing how little things like that can influence our dreams ๐Ÿ™‚

    Eko – yours sounds like a lot of fun too! I just hope you didn’t have to use any grenades to stop that Cruise Ship hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’ve had a couple of dreams about lost but none of them involved characters, only the island. In one I was on a boat by myself and I could see the island but I couldn’t get to it. I drove straight at it forever but no matter what I couldn’t get there.

    In another dream I am on the island just roaming around at night. I never actually see any dharma stations or anything, I am just on the island. Its one of those things where you just kind of know where you are in a dream even though I could have just been on any island at night.

  5. round the time I watched the episode in the first season where Locke wants to open the hatch, I had a dream that when it opened it lead to my house. And it freaked me out, he started asking me questions and stuff and then when he realized he was back in North America he tried to rescue people. and for some reason he decided it was best if he killed me.

    I had another one where I went up to Goodwin while he was with the tail end of the losties. And I said “Jeez man, Juliet must miss you.” and then he started attacking me and Ana-Lucia killed him with a pointed stick. When she helped me out i told her he was an other.

    Quite recently after watching the episode where they time travel again, I was dreaming that I was buying movies, suddenly Locke and Hurley appeared in front of me. Hurley said something about them making an HMV on the island.

    then i realized that Hurley wasn’t time traveling, he was on the mainland with Jack Kate Sayid and Sun. And those are my Lost Dreams.

  6. i started watching Lost a few months ago when my dad lent me season 1. we went out and bought seasons 2,3, and 4. we got sick with the flu, so we had a Lost marathon and watched them all in about 4 days.

    i went for at least 3 weeks of having Lost dreams. every night there was someone from Lost in my dreams. unfortunately i couldn’t remember any of them.

  7. LOL. That’s awsome! Watch your dreams come true and that’s what Lost is all about! LOL. I wan’t dreams like that!!! I’ll let you know if I do! (I’d want Charlie or Faraday in my dreams, though ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I was broke when on vacation a few months ago and couldn’t afford to go anywhere. I decided to spend some of that time rewatching the Alias series. During that time I had a dream I was on the island with Locke demading that Ben reveal the secrets of the island. He then told us that while the island had always been there and always been special, that the reason Dharma was so interested in it wes because they found documents about the island from a scientific prophet by the name of Milo Rambaldi (if you haven’t watched Alias, this will make no sense to you).

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