Not Every Scientist Has Mommy Issues

I’m curious to see what people think about the relationship between Faraday and Hawking. I was thinking tonight about how much both seem to know about the island, and then I noticed that this is one of the only relationships between parent and child that doesn’t seem to be strained on the show. It may not be much of a big deal, but the fact that so many of the characters we’ve seen so far have some sort of disconnect with their parents and it doesn’t seem as though Dan and Eloise have this problem. Faraday tells Desmond to find Hawking in the future in order to help them stop traveling through time which pretty much means that Dan and Eloise worked closely together or knew much of the same info. about the island that many don’t seem to possess. All this seems to make me think that Dan was away in Ann Arbor before he comes back to the island on the sub in 1977, and he was working on the pendulum while he was there. I guess overall, I’m curious to see others weigh in on what the significance of Dan and Eloise’s unstrained relationship based on what we’ve seen about them both (which isn’t much), as well as what this means in light of the overarching theme of parental issues in LOST.

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18 thoughts on “Not Every Scientist Has Mommy Issues

  1. I’m not sure if it’s even been confirmed that Dan and Eloise are related but most people seen to be accepting that. We don’t know that they have a strained relationship but we don’t know that he buys her chocolates every Mother’s Day either.

    I think it was supposed to be pretty obvious that Daniel was returning from Ann Arbor when he got back to the island on the sub. Chang went as far as to say that the sub was returning scientist from Ann Arbor. The pendulum though had already been built. If it hadn’t been built already then the DHARMA Initiative wouldn’t be on the island because they wouldn’t have been able to find it in the first place.

  2. I thought Eloise mentioned that the DI built the pendulum in the 60’s, before ever coming to the island, as that’s how they got there? I wouldn’t be surprised to know that Dan did at some point travel back to the 60s and build it, though.

  3. Yeah, I’m not sure Eloise Hawking is Faraday’s mother either. I’m not sure it has been confirmed. But since we always seem to think the writers are trying to pull a fast one, there’s an excellent chance it is what is seems. Two things make me wonder though.
    (1) The way Ben looks when Desmond says he’s looking for Faraday’s mother.
    (2) The way Eloise reacts when Desmond says her son sent him.
    Just a little off. But lost has been known to add interesting Dialogue and never really pay it off.

  4. What’s with all the silly nonsense talk, about Ms. Hawking not being Daniel Faraday’s mother? The fact that Daniel tells Desmond to go to Oxford to find his mother, Ms. Hawking, firms that up for me, short of a DNA test!

    aye brotha, I think it may appear on the surface that Daniel’s relationship with his mother, may be one of peace and harmony, however I question if this is actually true.

    I would think Ms. Hawking would be a domineering factor in Daniel’s life, steering him down a path of her choosing, and placing tremendous responsibility upon him.

    She would also be diametrically opposed to any relationship Daniel had with Widmore, whether he is Daniel’s father or not. I think the burden of having a mother who is ‘in the know’ as much as Ms. Hawking is, accompanied by the fact that Charles Widmore was funding Daniel’s research, which went very badly in the case of Theresa Spencer would have created a great deal of stress for him, being pulled in both directions.

    In summary, I think Daniel is very headstrong himself, and has his own ideas, be they flawed or not. This would create tension in his relationship with his mother.

  5. I think that Daniel is the son of Eloise Hawking. It is not confirmed though. I don’t trust Widmore any more than I trust Ben and he might have had his own motives for sending Desmond to Hawking. But still, I think she’s his mother.

  6. Very interesting points, all. The more I think of it, the more I am inclined to believe that Eloise and Dan are not exactly the brady bunch. Lost4815… good point on her reaction to Desmonds words.

  7. But what if it is just the opposite? What if Dan is working for one party (Ben as an example) and Hawking is working for another (Widmore for example)? What if they are working against each other?

  8. highbrow, if you spent half as much on time on Lostpedia, as you do trying to confuse people around here, you would have read the following:

    “Daniel Faraday is a physicist and professor who parachuted onto the Island from a helicopter sent by the freighter Kahana. He is distinguished by his polite demeanor and his scientific insight into the Island’s mysterious properties. Daniel spent his entire adult life studying space-time. He is the son of Eloise Hawking”.

  9. Interesting discussion – love it! Another factor that puts a shadow of doubt on Faraday/Hawking’s relationship is that Hawking isn’t actually in Oxford – she’s in LA. Although I tend to believe that she is in fact his mother.

    Dabs, I like your train of thought with Dan’s struggle between Widmore and Hawking. It lends to Dan escaping his mother’s influence and trying to do his own thing, and maybe that leads to her reaction from Desmond.

  10. I did feel pretty strongly that Hawking is Faraday’s mother because of the time he told Desmond to go and find her.

    Just like anything on LOST though, it may just be a way for Faraday to reference finding the woman named Eloise Hawking if that makes sense.

    I also wonder why their last names are different and what significance that holds. How did Faraday come out of the Hawking/Widmore combination?

  11. I”m pretty sure the show itself hasn’t confirmed Hawking is his mother. Maybe Lostpedia has. Maybe even Darlton has. I can’t remember. I’m not saying I think she isn’t his mother, I’m just saying some of the looks given to dialogue by some of the characters are weird. Maybe it can be attributed to the director of each given episode wanting to add some mystery, when there really isn’t any. Given the next episode has Faraday in it, maybe we’ll get that confirmation tomorrow.

  12. Dabs, like I said, I interpreted what the show told us about Dan and Hawking to mean that they are son and mother. However, the evidence from the show isn’t definitive… neither is Lostpedia. Lostpedia is written and updated by viewers like us. I’ve contributed to it. It’s not all confirmed. Speculation has made its way into plenty of articles.

  13. highbrow, knowing you have been a contributor to Lostpedia, changes how I will view the information, in future. lol

    The writers did confirm Ms. Hawking is Daniel’s mother, but I guess they could have been lying!

    I’ll just have to base it, on my ‘gut’ instinct and say, she is his mother. In fact, I’d take those ‘odds’ in Vegas baby!

  14. From an interview:

    (Interviewer) Alex: Ok, so I know you’ve mentioned already a couple of times, in DVD commentaries and such, Lostpedia. So we were just wondering what your relationship is with the website. Do you just know it by reputation, or do you generally have any form of interaction with it?

    Damon: You know, obviously one of the questions that Carlton and I get asked very often is like

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