We know we have three groups, but what are their aims…?

Ok, so far we have seen quite a groups of people trying to reach some end, but the question is, what is their end?

The first group I bring up is Ben and The Others.

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8 thoughts on “We know we have three groups, but what are their aims…?

  1. Personally I think the whole Widmore’s group thing was more a product of the writers strike. They’ve always had a light vs. dark duality to this show. I feel that the shadow group you speak of, Illana and Bram’s people, are most likly the members of an off island DHARMA that has existed for quite sometime.

    Although I could be way off because Ms. Hawking takes Ben and company to the Lamppost DHARMA station….

    I like to think though that the writers gave us 5 seasons to lead up to one mind blowing 6th season, and for myslef, this would have to mean a faith vs. science, DHARMA vs. Others ending.

    Good idea though having all the posters here sort out thier opinions on this it could help sort things out.

  2. I agree with LostProphet. If you listen to Darlton’s podcasts they have many times stated that the show borrows from Stephen King’s The Stand. At the end of the novel is a battle of good vs. evil. There are two sides. But where does everyone fall in the good vs. evil battle.

  3. AMZ, this is a great question! I think the answer is truly about gaining control of ‘the island’ for a variety of reasons.

    It is very difficult to ascertain who represents good or evil, until we learn what each factions motivations are. I think there are many ‘hidden agendas’, in addition to some people playing ‘both sides of the fence’.

    The writers are fans of Stephen King’s book The Stand, and I can see certain similarities between Lost and the book.

    I am glad you refer to the 3rd. group as the ‘Shadow’ group, as opposed to a new Dharma Initiative. According to Lostpedia, due to a lack of funding, in the fall of 2008, Dharma failed to re-launch their group.

    I realize this doesn’t exactly answer your question, but I think it is too early to see which side a particular character is going to fall on, in the end game.

    Expect the unexpected!

  4. Thanks dabs!

    Everyone was bouncing around the idea of three groups, but I don’t know if anyone had thought about what the groups really want. For all we know Ben and Widmore could be on the same side and not even realize it.
    As for the shadow group, all we know is that the want the statues shadow, but since we have no statue, kinda hard to get a shadow.
    Ms. Hawking I don’t think anyone has pinned down exactly.
    As for good vs. evil. I think you are exactly right Prohpet and Lost. The questions then become what side is everyone on, what side does each person consider themselves on, and what are the goals of each side?

  5. AMZ, I don’t think many people can say for certain what each groups ‘agenda’ is.

    Richard Alpert seems to change loyalty to ‘the others’ leaders, like most people change their socks!

    Ben has a taste for revenge, so it’s hard to say which side he is playing on, at present.

    Then, you have Jacob, who at least holds the best interest of ‘the island’, unless the reason he has been held captive in his cabin is, because his intent was not perhaps as genuine as we might think.

    Throw in the ‘Shadow’ group, who I believe are there to exploit ‘the island’s’ many secrets, and Eloise Hawking, who seems to be the one who is trying to protect them, and you have one confounding mystery!

    Widmore is just one character who is difficult to see any redeeming qualities that would make him a worthy candidate of anything that represents goodness.

    I do think that people likely have some instincts of who they think are good and evil, though. I, myself waiver on my own opinions on the ‘key’ players.

  6. Wait a sec, did I miss something? I’m not sure I know who Bram and Illana are. And when you talk about shadow people, you are reffering to Naomi and the Freiter people, correct?

    (I know my spelling is terrible 🙂

  7. Ilana is the chick who captured Sayid and smacked Lepidus in the face with a gun after asking “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”

    Bram abducted Miles and tried to convince him not to work for Widmore.

    they were both on Aljira 316

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