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Season 5 has shed light on many of the mysteries of the show. We are building the foundation to the answers that will be finalized, completed, set in stone, etc. in Season 6. What does this mean to the fan? Well, I will first start by saying that what an amazing ending to the Variable; I got chills when Dan said ‘You knew all along, You knew and you still sent me here.’ Reminded me of a Twilight Zone-esque ending (for example, the unwrapping of bandages of the beautiful woman who then screams at her reflection because she lives in a world of pig faced people, or the story of the alien that solves mans problems only to reveal that their alien book To Serve Man was a cookbook). But how long will these goosebumps last? Well, by the time that I have finished writing this piece, my goosebumps will have settled. This is the effect of knowing answers.

As some say, Ignorance is Bliss; I realize now that the genius of LOST was the ambiguity of the dialogue that hinged upon the accuracy of details which left many factors open for interpretation. Ambiguity hinging on in depth and accurate detail was the true duality of the show, for one stone is black and the other is white. I put ‘the genius of LOST was’ in past tense for a reason. The same reason as to why we no longer have lines like “Hey Walt, do you want to know a secret.” Bliss is not knowing the secret and not having a definite answer. When the answer isn’t available our minds create an answer, then another, then another, until we have gone passed second guessing our own selves and created an obsession. If you were to imagine a box, and I were to tell you that the box was closed and held something inside, would you look? Would you guess what it was? If I showed you that there was a rabbit in the box, you would finally and emphatically know about the rabbit, but the box becomes useless. What if I showed you another box, but it was a safe with a complex combination and inside was something beautiful? Would you become obsessed with wanting the combination? LOST has become an opened box.

We have seen inside the cracks. Now, I am worried that when we open the box, the shear enjoyment of knowing that it was a rabbit all along and not a key to an unknown door will render the box, the show useless. It was the beginning that captured all of us. The development of the characters is now replaced by the development of the plot. It did take us 23 or 24 episodes to push a button. Season One and Two feel like an eternity compared to all the others, a splendid and heavenly eternity. What if Season 5 had those extra 5 to 6 episodes, each scene could have lasted so much longer we wouldn’t feel like being thrown around in a washing machine. Season One and Two feel like the characters are staring you in your face. Every scene, every line is focused on one person. I feel that we don’t get the stares, sweat, and anger that we got from the first two seasons. Watch the first two seasons again and notice how close the camera gets to each actors face. You feel the raw emotion of love fear secrecy and hate in every second. I feel that emotion is disconnected to the plot of Season 5.

Terrific episode in the Variable: a truly hair raising ending. Simply unbelievable yet definitively known.

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One thought on “Season 5 for a fan

  1. I have to tell you I loved what you just wrote. The box metaphor works mate! It worked for Schroedinger and it worked for Ben Linus and it works for you!

    I agree that the extra 5-6 episodes would have made all the difference in the world in the development of the last two seasons. Four felt truncated (which it was) and 5 feels like they qare trying a little too hard to cram too much into their alloted 17 instead of taking the time to show the human drama the way the first two did.

    Daniel’s death is a high point of this season. I’ll miss the little freak.

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