What question must be answered?

Hey all, as we approach the end of this season, and the coming of the final season, we still have alot of questions that have not been answered.

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7 thoughts on “What question must be answered?

  1. damuse09, I still have many questions that I would like answered, but hey are not the traditional ones.

    I truly feel, that fate vs science, good vs evil are and will be the lingering questions in my mind.

    Free will, as Daniel stated, are powerful influences!

  2. 1. The numbers, their origin and significance.
    2. The Statue
    3. The event
    4. Smoke Monster
    5. Adam and Eve
    6. Jacob who is he?
    7. Origins of the temple
    8. Origin of the Others
    9. The statue
    10. Exactly what is the Island

    I think that covers it for me… Oh ONE question right right. I would have to say the smoke monster, exactly what it is. I think if I knew that I could answer a lot of my other questions myself.

  3. I never understood the “jacob” angle and why Christian Shepard is running around as a “boss”. I think season 5’s time travel is a genius way of answering most of our questions about the island’s intricate history!

    I am excited about the “chicken and egg” questions related to DESTINY/FATE vs FREE WILL!!! Can the Losties make it so 815 never crashed? Jack seems gung ho for this becasue of his broken heart/life. Daniel was gung ho because he wants to save charlotte. Kate didn’t look so sure (her life improved yes?). Does Ben want 815 never to happen? (then he wouldn’t lose power to john!). But then Desmondo never would have been ultimately rescued and reunited with Penny!

  4. Hmmm, and Ben would have died of Cancer, don’t forget. Good points, Burningstar!

    For me, the most burining question is what is the Island and is it good or evil?

  5. The ultimate fate of John Locke

    -as in What is his much vaunted destiny?

    I am thinking more and more that it is key to the faith vs science theme and the nature of the island as well as the Who are these hostiles and who is Richard debate.

  6. Right back at you though,

    What question are you most afraid they will not answer to your satisfaction?

    I am afraid they are too reliant on hints about the logistics of Dharma Initiative and its origins and mission and they will not be explicit enough about how it came about and why, and especially how they did all that they did on the island in such a short time.

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