Does anyone think Ben is going to go down without a fight?

So we’ve seen a different side of Ben lately but as we all know he lies about anything and everything to get what he wants. He has lost his power because the Island has chosen John Locke to take over, but I don’t think he will go softly into the good night! We know there is a war coming and I think Ben has set it up to come out on top. I liked what Dabs said about that knowing look between him and Ilana. What is in that big case they have on the beach with them? Some sort of weapon? Possibly a bomb? The only way for someone else to get to the Island was to be on the plane with the 06 survivors which required planning. And we know Ben always has a plan.

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13 thoughts on “Does anyone think Ben is going to go down without a fight?

  1. Angus, great question about the box! Given the episode, I wonder if you may be onto something, about its contents.

    It might contain a missile or something to that effect.

    Good old Ben, just might be wanting to help things along, by having a fail-safe plan!

  2. Not to keep harping on this, but we’ve now seen that Charles Widmore was made to leave the Island and was still willing to sacrifice his only son to the Island, as well as his relationship with the daughter who caused his fall from leadership in the first place. Eloise may or may not have been forced to leave, but she too sacrifices her only child to the Island. It stands to reason that Ben, also a former leader, would also follow the will of the Island.

    Interesting that the presence of children seems to cause the most issues for leaders of the Others…

  3. Is the good of the Island good for the world or any of the people on it?

    Highbrow- you and Dabs share a similar opinion of Widmore, and I think that concept of widmore as representing greed and material gain, or the use of material wealth as power and influence is something worth theorizing about. What do you think Widmore’s motivations are?

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