Dumb Scene

The scene where Jack says to Daniel and Kate, “Run, I’ll cover” was incredibly stupid. I am very surprised the writers thought we would buy a Doctor having these kind of shooting skills.

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9 thoughts on “Dumb Scene

  1. Shooting skills? How many rounds did he fire? Radzinsky got shot in the hand and everyone else seems fine. The only thing he managed to hit were those huge fuel barrels! He has the shooting skills of a doctor.

  2. even a barn can hit the broadside of a bullet once in awhile, AND, Jack is one of our heroes. People like to see their Heroes succeed!

    Besides, maybe Kate taught him a thing or two while they were together. 😉

  3. Why the heck did they make such a production out of stopping for the guns in the first place? Why didn’t they all just leave!!!
    Why give Daniel a gun? and why didn’t Le Fleur hear the gun battle/explosion?

  4. Because it is a TV show, and people like action scenes on TV. It also denotes to people who are not as attentive to detail and theory as people on this board, that things are now heating up and getting dicey!

  5. lol, Jack can roll with the gangstas now!

    Good points, burningstar and sohrshah. Gotta love how the writers just can’t stay away from gun action, even when it’s unessary. lol (not that I blame them 🙂

    I think the writers had them get the guns so Hawking had a reason to shoot Faraday.

  6. lol, Jack can roll with the gangstas now! 🙂

    I think the only reason they put that in there was so that Hawking had a reason to shoot Faraday, and so that Horace would get shot and run to James and find the guy in the closet (therefore becoming suspicious of James and Juliet).

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