Time travel

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In Faraday’s experiment w/Eloise, Desmond told him to set the whatever to whatever frequency/oscillation. The rat’s conscious was sent into the future as it now knew what it wouldn’t be learn for another hr.

So far, we’ve not seen anyone go to the future (that we know). Why – and how did Faraday know about doing it … had he been on a cycle on the island already?

Also, could only the conscious of the losties be in 1977 and the physical manifestation are still in 2004/7?
And, do you gain more knowledge as you pop around – if so, couldn’t Daniel still not be shot? Was his shooting a ‘correction’ of him attempting to save people meant not to be saved – and if so, were any of his theories meant to be since they couldn’t be developed? Did the island want the ChEloise spawn to exist at all … ?

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3 thoughts on “Time travel

  1. waycurious those are two very good questions!

    I believe we will learn more about the experiments Dan did with his girlfriend Theresa. It may mean, his knowledge, came from his time travelling. His journal may provide us with some insight!

    The story isn’t over yet. I would anticipate that ‘the plot’ will thicken in many aspects.

    Your second question whether it is ‘the losties’ conscious as opposed to their physical bodies being present in 1977, I thought was answered earlier in the season. They are physically travelling. That is my understanding.

  2. Didn’t the experiment transfer the knowledge of the route to the rat. He said to desmond he’d not yet trained the rat to know the route. This is the same way Desmond got his memory to visit Elle Daniels mum – but in reverse. Daniels experiment on the girl put her memory into the same broken record loop the island went into. What really makes me curious is how Daniel knew the island was going to go boom in 6 hours time. Will that boom now come from Jack, Kate and Saaid jumping forward in time from the temple, that we got a glimpse of at the end of this week?

  3. I’m back to the conscious traveling – with an existential physical manifestation as well (I think, therefore I am.)

    When Des was trippin on the boat, he went into a fugue state – but was visible to Daniel at Oxford.

    His girlfriend is in a coma bouncing through time, too.

    What if when you get killed in the conscious realm not the physical one.

    And, do you get the crazies when you go into the future? (that’s what he was experimenting w/the rat, not the past).

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