Okay, with all the talk of Daniel Faraday does anyone have any ideas of where his last name may have come from? Mom = Eloise Hawking and Dad = Charles Widmore, so who Mr. Faraday?

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5 thoughts on “Faraday???

  1. Google “Faraday cage”…

    I think it would be an interesting twist if Ellie gave this name to her son, which was actually named after the physicist Michael Faraday. Especially since she ultimately knows his fate, his interests, his ‘Destiny’…

    It wouldn’t just wouldn’t surprise me in the least if she did it on purpose!

  2. kimberly, what you suggest just might be true! She and Charles clearly didn’t give Daniel either of their last names. Likely for good reason!

  3. his name was probably changed to faraday, as there eventual sons death may have caused problems on the legal side perhaps…all depending what there plan is…


  4. Like everything else this season, Farady told his mom that was his name so she changed it. What I love about whatever happened happened is compasses and prophecies can spontaneously exist for no good reason. I mean the plane crash was caused by out losties, which causes them to time travel, blah blah blah.

  5. Maybe she just gave him that name to add to the pressure to be a super scientist. Not that Hawking would have been a bad namesake but not quite so much back in the ’70s.

    When did a compass spontaneously exist? How did the Losties cause the plane crash?

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