If 815 makes it to LA…

Lets think about this for a moment. We know that Daniel’s hope was to influence the future enough to prevent the crash of 815. Jack is toying with this idea of ‘changing the future’ and here’s some of the scenarios that seem likely to cross his mind…

Please add your scenarios because this is truly going to be a fun thing to ponder, debate, and weigh out…for us and especially for the 1977 Losties.

So, besides some of the obvious, like Kate going to prison…

Claire – Lives – has Aaron, gives him to couple in LA
Charlie – Lives
Boone – Lives
Shannon – (Ugh) Lives
Locke – Um, alive…still…but paralyzed
Cindy – doesn’t become an Other?
the kids – stay with their mom
Ana Lucia – Lives
Libby – Lives
Michael – Lives, even though he did already live past 815 once before…

And then you have non-815 people (aka “The scenarios to cause confusion”):

Desmond – Hmmmm…stuck on island? Doesn’t reunite with Penny? Therefore, no little Charlie…
Ji-Yeon – who can’t exist because she was conceived on island…

I know that I am missing people, which is why you should add to these scenarios, but I think these are the what Jack could use as motivation, appealing to the idea that 815 lands in LA in 2004 could be for the greater good…

The “how” of course, is a completely different theory…and it starts in my mind with a little something foreshadowed with the Smoke Monster capable of erasing one’s memory…

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19 thoughts on “If 815 makes it to LA…

  1. One thing I’ve never had any faith in is the whole “prevent them from crashing”-theory-thingy, as if that would be any part of the end game. I don’t think so, I truly hope not(because I think that’d suck big-time) but more importantly – how does the CHARACTERS feel about this. Jack and Kate currently beeing the only ones aware of Daniel’s plan(Even though Miles could indeed probably find out) what was up with them..? Jack was a wreck right, who was about to bury his Father, a man he despised(and later reconciled with ON the Island, when Sawyer Tells him about their encounter. something he would miss out on if he never crashed) Kate – no need for a scientist there – she’s going to prison….for a long time probably. And as for Jack’s and Kate’s relationship – it would vanish into thin air.. They would never even speak to one another unless they bumped into each other boarding or getting off the plane.. And this is what they’re supposed to fight for..? HELL NO. I don’t think for a second that either Jack or Kate want their plane to land safely.. No one does, that was the whole point, they we’re all happier on the Island, it made their lifes better(Well, for most anyway – as we know there are “variables”;) I totally understand Desmond, I love Desmond, and I feel him and Penny all the way. Dessie wanted the F off that rock to be with his loved one, which he eventually got. But he’s tied to the Island, he’s special, so…. Hell bring your family – home is where you hang your coat, right..? And given that they’ve lived on the sea for….some time, I don’t think they really have the need for a mailbox and white picket-fence. If they’re(As in like – everyone) not supposed to leave the Island, if they belong there, let them bring their loved one’s along.

  2. Heya kimberly! I will add Rose and Bernard. Rose would succumb to cancer, and Bernard would be heart-broken without her.

    I have a couple of thoughts about if they were able to establish a return to LA, never having been on ‘the island’. I would not find this very satisfying, because all of their personal growth and redemption would never have occurred!

    I feel they are much better people because of their ‘island’ experiences.

    The only way it would personally satisfy me, would be, if somehow their memories and experiences were left in tact, or implanted somehow. But, that would not happen and it wouldn’t bring those that have died back to life either.

    A bit off in another direction of your post, but I have a hard time, seeing that kind of an ending, if that makes any sense.

    I put my faith in the writers, that they will not disappoint us. I just can’t see it all being one big happy ending, is all. At least, not for everyone. I think that is part of what their fate and destiny is. That they ultimately served a greater purpose.

    Impossible scenarios, IMO.

  3. Maybe I should also add this clarifier in my theory…that I too, think their island experiences: good, bad, deadly for some, have NOT been in vain and therefore I am not rooting for 815 landing in LA for any reason. The problem is that I have this little feeling that Jack could somehow try to justify undoing it all…using some of these people’s deaths as his reason..or at least trying to, just as Daniel did.

    But Daniel was motivated by Charlotte’s death…he’s the only person he mentioned in his “what if?” scenario in being able to stop the plane from crashing, the freighter from coming, etc. He’s motivated by his desire to finally do something ‘right’ in his eyes.

    I hope we don’t go this direction in the show, but it does put for very interesting scenarios for the limited perspective Jack and Kate characters especially! They attempt to think and make choices ‘for the greater good’ and this could be the ultimate choice that they think they need to make…

  4. Agreed, Dabs, agreed.

    I was talking Lost a few times today, with self-proclaimed “average viewers”, and this predicament of maybe being able to stop the crash was pretty intriguing because of all these different scenarios I’m talking here. I really hope the writers don’t succumb to it…

  5. kimberly, I am inclined to believe, that whatever ending they do come up with, it will not be a traditional, or predictable ending!

    I suspect it will be as mysterious as, when they first arrived on ‘the island’. That is what I am hoping for. A mystery within a mystery!

  6. I don’t think that this will be the ending for sure since it seems like a cop out that is most likely to be resolved by the end of this season. Either they will not set off the bomb because they will see a smaller example of how it is bad to change the past or the bomb won’t do what they think it will.

    But to be fair without the hatch Desmend would make it around the world wooing Widmore and getting Penny. The survivors would continue their lives as sad as they might be (sucks for Kate, Rose, Locke ect) but all those extras that the main characters don’t care for would be alive! I personally don’t mind if the heroes get boned for saving lives. Besides Sayid and Desmend my favorite characters would be happy.

  7. Yep again, Dabs.

    BTW – I loved last night’s shout out to the theorists, delivered by Sawyer: “I’m not going to swap theories with you…”

    A mystery within a mystery could be satisfying in a bittersweet way!

  8. I dont see the plane landing in L.A., crashing into the ocean a possibility… sacrifice, no?
    More than anything, it would probably cause the losties to not board at all…But I dont think it works that way. Miles was correct about one thing, this is not “Back To the Future”…but the scene with Aaron in the grocery store following Hurley trying to winess himself disappear is slightly disturbing, and if this does actually occure, could have been some type of foreshadowing…

  9. kimberly, I loved Sawyer’s shout-out! I also saw Dominic Monaghan and JJ Abrahms on Jimmy Kimmel, celebrating the 100th episode!

    He loves Lost!

  10. Sinster, NO!

    See, this is why really this should have been in “Fun” (sorry about that) because in no way do I want to speculate on the possible return of Nikki & Paulo!!! 🙂

  11. If it all just goes back to normal, and it erases the events we have grown to love and appreciate as rabid fans of this series it can not possibly be a good thing.

    I would be very let down.

    Also as was said these characters grew, changed, developed, bettered themselves. How can you take that away and view it as a good thing? Were sacrifices made? Did people die? Was there heartbreak? Certainly but that is life.

  12. Well, if they do end up changing things the way Daniel has planned then Desmond will either be turned into an Other or DHARMA will put him on the sub to Tahiti (depending on who finds him first). Preventing the incident will change absolutely everything that we’ve seen on the show. It’ll also make the next season fairly boring since there won’t be anymore story to tell… unless the next six hours of events is stretched out over 20 episodes!

  13. Yeah I think highbrow has the most valid point. If Desmond doesn’t crash 815, then the entire show will cease to exist. And here’s something else… if the events do not transpire, then Desmond’s future brain will never enter his past body… which means he will never flake out in the military to make that phone-call, and all the other crazy stuff he does that really defines who Desmond is (largely a crackpot to the outside world) which means he will probably get married to that first girl he is supposed to marry and will never even BE on the island to push the button to begin with. Oh but there’s more… Widmore and Eloise, their story will pan out differently as well, and they might not even be back in the states. And what about the theory that Christian might be an “other”? If that is true then he might not ever leave the island either. There’s so much that would be different that it opens up a completely separate reality where most of the characters that we have encountered might not even exist!

  14. Oh, and don’t forget that Daniel tells the others to bury a bomb… a bomb that if it had gone off would have killed everyone on the island and so absolutely none of the events would have happened in the show, and most of the characters wouldn’t exist at all!

  15. Don’t forget, this is the losties present. It won’t be undone. If daniel prevent s 815 from crashing then the losties aboard the plane won’t get to the island (meaning there won’t be two sets of losties. )that doesn’t mean everyone will cease to exist.

    if he doesn’t stop the incident, then the current losties will still be on the island by the time the new ones get there. two of everyone. cant have that now can we.

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