Penny and Desmond Coda?

Does anyone else get the impression that the hospital scene between Desmond and Penny was written as a coda to their story?

It is like the writers are saying these two have been through enough, they deserve a happy ending.

Here it is. Desmond says ‘I promised you I would never leave you again’ they kiss, fade to black. We will never see them again. To seal the deal they have Hawking apologize to Desmond through Penny, and changing her tune from ‘The island is not finished with you’ to ‘I do not know what will happen next’ and Charles saying in front of the hospital that he will not interfere with her life again, sealing any speculations about his future manipulations.

Ben is gone so there will be no further Vendettas and Daniel is dead so he will not be using Desmond as a conduit for his manipulations ever again (or ever before?).

As much as I love Desmond I would not be too terribly disapointed if Henry Ian Cusak were not seen again in the rest of the series. It is not a grand send off but it is a fitting one.

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8 thoughts on “Penny and Desmond Coda?

  1. You could be right about that Andre7, but in a way I hope that it doesn’t turn out that way.

    It reminded me, in a way of Ben telling John Locke how sorry he was for putting him through so much.

    I don’t mean to suggest that Ms. Hawking wasn’t sincere, because I think she was, but I don’t trust that ‘old fossil’ Widmore. He’s a snake! lol

    He showed no remorse for Daniel’s death, and basically just accepted the fact that Penny was lost to him.

    It would be a nice send off for Desmond’s little family, though!

  2. I find it hard to swallow none of the three, Des, Penny, or ‘Charlie’, will not play any signifigant roles in the rest of the story…It would be nice to see a happy ending for Des/Pen though…

  3. Oh Andre, I had this fleeting thought of the same thing and told myself not to think such bad thoughts again as I don’t wish it to happen at all.

    It felt that way though, yes.

    If it’s true, then the writers are slipping, ‘running out of time’ and I fear that we could head for a sell-out of an ending like 815 landing in LA.


  4. on IMDB the cast listing for next week and ‘The Incident Part II’ lists Henry Ian Cusak, not just as a credit for the show. I don’t think Desmond is done quite yet.

  5. Oh. I resisted having a peak at IMDB (LOL) but I know I would have succumbed at some point! 🙂

    *Sigh* It was just a thought.

    Thanks for your input everyone.

  6. i dont think desmond is done you….if the island is not done with him….then he will be there at some point…..i just hope thats not the last we see of desmond..he was one of my favorite charactors

  7. I think Henry Ian, is a series regular for the season so he is listed in every episode. Also… with that how scandal with the lawsuit involving the show, and him, it may have possibly been our last sight of them.. DAMN!!!

    They have a lot of mysteries to solve, and only 20 episodes left.

  8. Nope, “show credit” next to the name means they are credited with being on the show. When it does not say that, they are on the episode. HIC is going to be in the episodes I referenced. Mark my text.

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