Eye of the Storm- everyone “Help Me”

A thought occurred to me and I was wondering/hoping that everyone could help me flush out the possibilities.

Re the time flashes….(and keep in mind I haven’t rewatched the epi, i’m going on memory…please be kind)….

Think of the flashes as a kind of whirlwind, hurricane

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38 thoughts on “Eye of the Storm- everyone “Help Me”

  1. OOOHHHHH…..interesting thought about next weeks previews….if, in fact, time does stand still in the temple, or behind the door at the fake other camp, (and that is where Jack is diving into) then conceivably, he could meet Locke or Ben there….because time is the same there….1977 and 2007 don’t exist within its confines……In 2007, Locke steps behind the curtain…in 1977, Jack steps behind the curtain and they find each other….freaky deaky…

  2. OH,awsome post. You really have a point there, HurleyBird. Do you remeber the Map in the Hatch (Swan station)? Do you think that circle with the question mark in the center of it could be the temple?

  3. Thanks for the reply darma, I think that it is an interesting idea.

    Regarding the question mark, that was the monitoring station at the druggie plane crash site with all the video terminals.

  4. HurleyBird, I love the idea that ‘the temple’ is ‘the eye of the storm’.

    I think it’s very creative and quite possibly a place where time does stand still.


  5. Thanks dabs and eko….

    I am going to stretch it a bit in the hopes that we can have another group effor…like I said, flush out some ideas/speculation…

    so maybe Jacobs list is a list of people who are allowed in because a version of that person does not yet reside in the temple….they are “other” versions of themselves…John was on Jacobs list because he did not yet have a version of himself in the temple….maybe Jack name wasn’t on the list in 2004 because he was already there. He went there in 1977.

    If you crashed in 2004, you were…
    1) on the list and taken to the temple
    2) going to die
    3) going to time skip and therefore already had a version of yourself in the temple (you were already an “other”.

  6. HurleyBird, I think there is some merit in what you suggest. I have given this a lot of thought, but haven’t been able to quite put my finger on things.

    I do like your suggestions! I think you are on the right trail.

    This was certainly worthy of being posted in the theories section, btw!

  7. I’ve thought that this was a possibility (not exactly how you so eloquently described it). When Ben went off to turn the wheel for the first time, I was sure the hostiles were sent to the temple to wait it out? I could be wrong, but that would explain why they did not flash. Than again, I succinctly remember John being in the forest with them when the flashes started happening. I’m getting a bit mixed up.

  8. yes. john was in the forest with them. and then he time travels and they dont. maybe its because they have been to the temple. and he hasnt.

  9. username….i thought the exact same thing and then thought better of it, just the way you did…but you are right, Ben did tell Richard and the others to go to the temple. So, we know that only the 815ers (the ones who weren’t on Jacobs list), the freighties, and Juliet were affected by the storm. The ones that weren’t affected (as far as we know) were the others and the 815ers who were taken by the others (cindy and the kids). If we could solve that riddle, we would really be getting somewhere.

  10. First of all I have been a lost fan for a long time but this is my first time on this site so forgive me if I repeat a theory that has already been proposed. I agree with the Maelstorm theory and the assertion that time stops in the center (the temple)… This relates to another “theory” that I have… I have noticed the Egyptian themes that exist in the show and I believe that (R)ichard
    (A)plert is the sun god RA and that RA been there since the statue was created. The guy-liner that RA wears can be attributed to the tradition of an Egyptian Pharoh or god. I find it equally interesting that Horace (another egyptian god) appears to be a leader of the DI and is diametrically opposed to the “others” and RA. Is this a false trail that the writers are leading us down or could this be part of what is revealed?

  11. HurleyBird, the one possibility might be, that it is only ‘the losties’ that are actually travelling in the past.

    Present day, ‘the others’ are supposedly not travelling in the past, and are only there to play out their parts in that past!

    Logically speaking, ‘the others’ presently should all be in ‘the temple’, where Ben instructed them to go, at the end of Season 3.

    I am presuming that once John Locke disappeared from sight, in the first flash, that is where they went to, and where they are in present day time!

  12. I’m a little confused. Are you saying that if John Locke walked into the temple on Thursday then again on Friday he’ll see himself walking into the temple on Thursday?

  13. Oh, good… I actually started writing that comment like an hour ago but couldn’t figure out the best way to put it so I just hit the back button and came back to it.

  14. dabs and highbrow…i am not sure what you mean by Locke walking in on Friday and seeing him walk in on Thursday.

    What I was saying is let’s say, right this second, I decide to go into the temple, may 1, 2009. And let’s say, that on Jan 1, 2009, highbrow decided to go to the temple. When highbrow and I went to the temple, we could meet even though we are in two different points in time. We say hi, have a beer and watch some jello wrestling. Then we leave. If I decided to go to the temple the next day, may 2, and he decided to go on jan 2, we would meet again. We wouldn’t see ourselves in the temple because we left the day before.

    So, if the temple is outside of the constraints of time, kind of like a bubble or snowglobe, conceivably Jack and Locke could meet there even though they are in different times 1977 and 2007.

    Now, where it would become a problem is when you throw our losties and time travel in the mix. Like I said, I’m trying to flesh out this idea into something tangible, please bear with me. There are currently 2 Jacks in the universe. Grown jack on island and kid jack off island. Now, let’s say off island jack comes to the island and goes into the temple at the same time on island time skipper jack tries to go to the temple. I think that one of them or maybe both would run into a No Jacks Allowed Sign, ala Smokey.

  15. As for Richard, he seems to spend quite a bit of time outside the temple, so I don’t think that would explain his agelessness.

  16. HurleyBird, your concept was not lost on me, by any means.

    My comment was in jest towards highbrow, who was poking fun at my statement. It was easier to agree.

    I am on board with your thoughts!

  17. so then if you walk out of hte temple together….do you go back to your days….or do you each go back to the time period you were in?

  18. This could really explain alot. I wonder if part of what is in Faraday’s journal is the temple where our 1977 group and our 2007 group would have to meet to set things right?

  19. I love the list theory, and totally agree! Jack wasn’t on the list b/c he is on the island.

    Wait…… what if Kate, Sayid, Jack, and Hurley never make it back to 2007, and both their past and future selves exist when the plane crashes in 2004.

  20. Ever thought that the donkey wheel is a means to travel to an alternative reality/dimension which is the same as where their from except a different time?

  21. m w…i have in the past thought about the possibility that we are seeing glimpses of alternate realities bleeding thru to our reality….all the names for chang being one example, mikhail popping up to kill charlie. Just saying that the fdw could do that as it’s function but the island itself is kind of an antennae for alternate realities even when the fdw isn’t turned. Desmonds flashes of charlie being killed. It seemed like he was seeing different versions of some events. Especially the scene when they find Naomi and get her out of the tree. I’m not married to the idea but definitely am keeping it in the back of my head.

  22. I see where you are going dubya… I think I just wrote someone else time traveling, can also be thought of traveling to other dimensions.

  23. alterative realities of identical worlds but in different times is what i meant ,but im not gonna dwell on it .just a thought

  24. sorry henry….you should be proud of yourself…it was a really really good question….

    Okay, I’ll give it a shot….this is based on the premise that it was not coincidence that the left behinders went to 1974. The island or jacob wanted them there at that specific time.

    The current events of the show gives us 4 groups on the island.

    1) others, ra and the others
    2) locke ben sun
    3) jack and lefties
    4) flight 316 survivors

    Lets leave out group 1 and 4. Lets say they are on the timeline they are supposed to be on according to their own history.

    Lets say group 3 are forced into the temple by the incident and group 2 go there because locke has “a few ideas” and he thinks that the temple is where they are supposed to go (or is forced there by illy and brams people). So, they are all in the temple when the incident happens and when they leave they are in the time that THE ISLAND deems that jack’s group and Locke’s group are supposed to be in to serve whatever purpose they meant to serve.

    How was that for a cop out!!!!

  25. To elaborate, Illy and Bram’s people don’t time skip and neither do Richard and the others. They stay on their present course and their drama unfolds. Speculation, Illy and Bram are new DI. They have a portable updated version of the smoke monster and reconstitute the DI, forging another truce with Richard and the others because they are without a leader for awhile and “when in doubt, do nothing.

    Locke and Jack and whoever survives the incident (i.e. Sawyer, Hurley, Jin) all go into the temple and when the incident occurs they come out of the temple and find that they are in the future circa 2020ish. They find the new DI and gather up the others for the big war.

  26. HurleyBird:
    Whoa! Back up a little there partner? Jello wrestling? Can I join you and Highbrow? Do they serve shots or just Dharma Beer, wine and those little sissy drinks in cocoanuts with the umbrellas?

    michael dub-ya:
    ‘…the evidence thus far does

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