Jack’s grandfather

I have two things on my mind that I’m just going to throw out there to see what you guys think. The first is (I don’t know if this has been talked about before) that when the Oceanic six were on the plane earlier in the season, Ben was reading out of The Odyssey. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but could it be a clue?

And, just a thought, is it possible that Jack’s grandfather could have some connection to the island? After all, It seems to run in the family to be on the island.

Like I said, I’m just throwing these thoughts out there.

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12 thoughts on “Jack’s grandfather

  1. i want to think that he has nothing to do with the island….but that one line always plays in my head…something along the lines of…if i make it out of here they will never find me

  2. Yes, I meant when the OC were on 316.

    And henrygale108, that line is exactly why I brought Jack’s grandfather up. It was just a really strange line for him to say.

  3. I think it is a very good possibility dharma dancer, but I think some families have ‘greater’ ties.

    The Shepards: Christian, Jack, Claire, & Aaron

    Widmores: Eliose (baby momma), Daniel, Desmond (son-in-law)

  4. I agree with this theory that all of the Losties have a long ago connection to the island. As to Jack’s grandfather, Ray, once I saw that episode, I was totally convinced about Jack (not sure about his Mom, though). I’ve always been intrigued by his tatoos–didn’t they say something like “He walks among us but is not one of us”?? I kind of take that to mean he doesn’t belong to the outside world, but to the island. Also, didn’t it say something about his being a Leader? I think the whole Shepherd family will play a very large part in the resolution of the story. (Really, their name was not a coincidence!) And it’s common knowledge that Matt Fox is the only cast member who knows the ending. It’s probably because the story started with him, and it will probably end with him.

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