He killed Charlie!!!!!! >:(

Did anyone else out there see X-Men: Wolverine? I know that I swore off watching these films due to their intense plot holes and the gross amounts they butcher the actual plot lines of the comics but when one of my friends invited me I had to go. It was about as horrible as I expect but I got a pleasant surprise. Dominic Monaghan (the actor who played Charlie Pace) was a character on the government team. Every time he came on the screen I would lean over to my friend and hiss, “that’s Charlie!” When he first came on my jaw dropped and I exclaimed loud enough to annoy most of the packed theater, “Charlie’s working for the government!” Anyhow later in the movie he is killed by Sabertooth and I became intensely angry. I gritted my jaw and leered at the villain and growled, “You killed Charlie.” My friend looked at me wondering what I had said. Only Sabertooth being a not real person on a video screen saved him from my rage…. Sometime I wish I wasn’t such a Lost dork.

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4 thoughts on “He killed Charlie!!!!!! >:(

  1. I had to resist the urge to shout out “IT’S KEAMY!!!!!” It was terrible… Watching Charlie die again was actually quite sad…

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