brother campbell/mrs. hawking?

So we know that Brother Campbell was a very influential figure in Desmond’s life. In fact, it was Brother Campbell who gave Desmond the task of loading wine into Penny’s car, thereby introducing them. He also had a picture of himself and Mrs. Hawking on his desk. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that he and Mrs. Hawking were working together to steer Desmond’s life in the right direction. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that Brother Cambpell was involved in Dan’s life somehow too, would it? That maybe he and MRs. Hawking are a team? Or something?

And it’s also yet another connection between Desmond and Daniel, who are I think, sort of like eachother’s counterpoints. Hence “The Constant” and “The Variable”. They both have very important jobs to do, and I think the jobs are connected. Daniel wrote in his notebook, “If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant”. It’s also very likely that Dan is, in fact, Des’s brother in law (half-brother in law anyway)!

I don’t really have a full fledged theory on this, but I think that it is very, very important. If anybody else has any more honed in thoughts on this, I would be very grateful. I feel that this information is very vital and yet I can’t quite put it together. Just more evidence of the brilliance of lost I guess.

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9 thoughts on “brother campbell/mrs. hawking?

  1. I think there is a whole network of people under Eloise’s employ that we have not seen yet, possibly including the men in the van that tried to get Miles.

  2. Mrslinus:

    Good that you brought this up. I like the idea of brother Campbell playing a part in Daniel’s life. It rings true.

    I have been waiting for the other (red) shoe to drop on this ever since I watched the Brother episode again. It bothers me no end that Hawking knew so much about Desmond’s future actions in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. This knowledge could only come from someone telling her specific things about Des.

    Also in the brother Campbell episode (I do not remember the title) Desmond describes how he came to be a Monk. He was drunk (or so he believes) and blacked out, only to wake up and see the Monk’s rope-belt and a sense of destiny. He felt he was meant to follow Campbell and become a monk. (notice no mention of God).

    My theory is that there is a missing episode in which Desmond mind flashes into his body just before he is due to marry Ruth and finds Hawking to inform her of what is supposed to happen. He then blacks out and wakes up bewildered, looking up at Campbell and assuming he had too much to drink.

    I have thrown this out there before… Sorry for the re-run.

  3. Mrslinus, I think you are definitely on the right track!

    Although, I am not sure what the exact connection is, between Ms. Hawking and Brother Campbell, they certainly have one.

    I hope we will eventually see what that connection is, and it wouldn’t surprise me, if he had some influence in Daniel’s life, albeit limited. I think Ms. Hawking had a firm grip on her son!

    I agree with what Andre7 states about how Desmond ends up on the stree. I think Ms. Hawking would have wanted Desmond, to be ‘kept in line’, by Brother Campbell, until it was time for him to meet Penny.

    I believe Ms. Hawking and Brother Campbell nurtured Desmond, knowing that the outcome, including his meeting with Penny, would eventually lead him to ‘the island’.

    Like a well orchestrated plan!

    Very nice post!

  4. Okay, we already know for a ‘fact’ that Desmond, and Daniel are brother-in-laws. Daniel and Penny are at the very least half brother and sisters. They share a father, Charles Widmore. At this point in time we do not know the identity of Penny’s mom.

  5. or desmond is actually eloise’s blood related son…they both seem to be able to place people where they need to be…and dan was stolen from Darma after jack told her he was from the future and her son. who would not want a time travelling math wizz as a son…could come in handy someday

  6. he could also be her son…

    OMG imagine he’s also charles son, gross the incest. The young charles, and desmond do have similar hair.

  7. maybe that was why eloise tried to steer dezmond away from penny. maybe penny in’t actually charles blood relitive, another stolen child from darma…maybe the long lost annie

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