Reminder about Spoilers *Doesn’t Contain Spoilers*

Hi Everyone

This is just a friendly reminder to people with regards to Spoilers.

This site is a Lost Theories site therefore any posts with spoilers in will be deleted.

I used to say that if you’re posting spoilers to post a Spoiler warning in both the title and the post, but as people aren’t doing this I am just going to delete future spoiler posts from now on.

People come here to read theories and speculate on the show – if anyone wants to read spoilers I’m sure there are hundreds of sites specialising in spoilers that they can go to. They come here specifically not to be spoiled.

I am currently working on some changes to the site, one of them being somewhere where rules about spoilers and other such things can be easily accessed at all pages, but until that time I will just post it here.

Changes should be done within the next week or so.


-Emzi x

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27 thoughts on “Reminder about Spoilers *Doesn’t Contain Spoilers*

  1. Not to be a dink, but how can any link possibly contain spoilers? Nobody knows what is going to happen next and if you consider predicting outcomes or the show or its characters, or trying to explain the unexplained phenomena of the show spoilers than wouldn’t every theory be one? I don’t understand the difference between a theory and a spoiler I guess…

  2. if you post a theory and it turns out you are correct and does happen, would that be considered a spoiler and get it deleted?

  3. No, because how would we know you were correct unless it was revealed on the show? If the show has revealed something it’s not a spoiler…

  4. but if your theory about what will happen an how the show will go is correct adm may think you have some inside info. i ask because I posted a theory late last night, early this morning an it has not appeared. I am just learning to use a computer and wonder if I hit a wrong button and my theory got “lost” in computer lala land, because this is the only lost site I’ve been on so I don’t know any spoilers.

  5. Some theories are bound to be right about some things… as long as it’s speculation you should be fine.

    If it was your first theory then it needs to be approved by the admin before it will post but since the admin won’t be able to watch the newest episode until Sunday she probably won’t be around much in order to avoid hearing about the episode before she sees it.

  6. I’m new an totaly uneducated computer person. So She has not yet viewed the show we saw on wed. Is that the epidode u mean

  7. Yes I too posted a theory last night and labeled it possible spoiler just in case. I would think the entire site is spoiler-filled. Anyone who comes here is 999 times out of a 1000 going to want to know the next part of whats going to happen in the show.

    Oh and my theory hasn’t been posted yet either…

  8. And why not just make a section specifically for spoilers….? Seems much more efficient than having to go through all posts and decide whether or not that contains spoilers then just to have to delete it. I’m baffled.

  9. It’s simple: Spoilers are things that are going to happen in the episodes that haven’t aired yet.

    People have been posting them specifically, and this isn’t what this site is about.

    I get that some peoples theories will be right, but the fun is we don’t know that they’re right, and they don’t know that they’re right.

    I don’t want to add a spoilers section because this is a THEORIES site.

    People who want to read spoilers will go elsewhere.

  10. So if I write out a “theory” which really does contain spoilers but don’t in fact label it as so and you or no one else in fact knows its a spoiler because you haven’t seen or heard it before then there is no actual way to determine whether or not it is a spoiler? Can you say run on question much?

  11. surago636, If a post contains spoilers, the post will be removed by admin.

    Nobody on the site, likes spoilers, and/or wants them posted anywhere on the site!

    That is what DarkUfO is for!

  12. dear admin, if you know its a spoiler, then you must know whats going on before any of us, because you have to read it to know if it is a spoiler!

    does lightning come from your hands….as you scream “THE POWER!” ??

    nah, didnt think so.


  13. I don’t know it’s a spoiler because I don’t read spoilers.

    But sometimes you know theories are spoilers by peoples comments and by the fact the post says “well we all know this is going to happen in this episode etc.”

    I do rely on things like that to determine what’s spoilers and what’s not.

    BUT I shouldn’t have to. This site is a THEORIES site and I’ve said on many occassions that I’m not a fan of spoilers.

    A few months ago I allowed people to post them IF they posted spoiler warnings, but since then people haven’t and so I’ve decided to delete them.

    The name of the site should be your first clue that this site is for theories not spoilers.

  14. haha! exactamondo! i guess the “theories” part kinda gives it away, i was only kidding, just wanted to find out if you were a robot….

    i still love you though admin! we all love you!


  15. lol LC – I’m far from a robot 🙂

    Sorry if my comment came off as a bit rude – I didn’t mean it to. Just trying to get my point accross to anyone who questions why I don’t want spoilers on the site 🙂

  16. ahaha! it wasnt rude i just hope that you dont htink i like spoilers! i hate them with a passion,and they should be lined up against a wall and shot! ……sorry too far.

    good night.


  17. I don’t plan on writing spoilers but if a theory of mine turns out true in any essence than it is in deed a spoiler and should be deleted in the past. I propose the FDW.

  18. Well, if you post a theory how would we now it was true unless it was proven by information presented in the show? If it’s been shown on the show then it’s not a spoiler. If I post a synopsis of a season one episode its not a spoiler even though we know it’s all true.

    It’s incredibly easy to pick out the spoiler posts. There was someone here several weeks ago that I’m sure some people will remember who basically wrote a theory off a spoiler and it was pretty obvious to everyone. Plus there are people on this site who read spoilers but don’t reveal them here… so they’d know them when they saw them.

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