A general theory

Incident: The energy is released, needed to be contained. The button and the numbers are introduced, due to this incident.

Hawkings: Fails to contain the energy with the bomb, her people exiled her. Why? Apart from that going to the bomb with some strangers was really strange, some people died because of that.

Charles: Takes over, still loves her but can’t do anything. Hawkings probably explained that he had a great reason for going to the bomb, but no one listened. This could also explain the love/hate in the present day. Some years later he goes off the island to have another child with her( the first one probably Faraday born after Hawkings left the island).

Ben: Takes over after that and we all know what’s coming next…the Purge. Incident was the beginning of the war and the purge was the end.

The war: The war we all hear about has nothing to do with Dharma Vs Others or Black Smoke Vs all etc. The war is between good and evil. Good are the people who want to change this dark past…evil are the people who want this to stay as it was. And now to the juice…

Miss Hawkings pushed Faraday to become a scientist so that he would understand all things surrounding time. He send him to the island to change things…only she counted without the host. The things will played out as they happened, not the same way but whoever tries to change things he will not succeed. So Faraday died not because she knew it but because fate wanted it that way. Maybe she knew that she was taking risks that’s why she said I’m sacrificing my son. So to sum things up I believe Hawkings falls on the good side.

Charles does not care about changing things. He only wants to be the leader and returning to the island. So probably he also sends his son there to prevent the happenings that got him exiled. This also explains the different motives of Miss Hawkings and Charles. Someone can say he falls on the good site for this, but no. He definitely falls on the evil side as he does not care for anything else other than the leadership. That’s why he wanted Locke and the rest to go back…to change things that lead him back to leadership.

Ben is definitely on the bad side because he was raised that way, but maybe he will revert on the “good” side (monster will kill him for that?:),

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