Locke a Shepherd?

Don’t know if this has been theorized before (probably has) but…
Is John Locke a member of the Shepherd family?

I was discussing this on another thread (Former Leader?)

Christian and Locke definitely have a strong connection, they basically came to the island in the exact same way (John’s second time around anyways, in coffins under a plane with John even wearing Christians shoes) and both seemed to have resurrected’ I’m thinking John and Jack/Christian must be related some way, not brothers or anything but John is a tangent of the Shepherd family, much like Claire also was and then we found out how.

I do think that it is possible that Jack and John be cousins, since it is highly unlikely that Anthony Cooper is his con-man father’s real name (although definitely his real father because he needed the kidney and they were a match). One of Anthony Cooper’s aliases, the only one without a last name included, was Paul’ perhaps Paul Shepherd? We don’t know much about the Shepherd family, Christian could easily have a brother and we only recently met his grandfather Ray (who many believe to be Jacob, because Jacob is Aaron’s great-grandfather in the bible’ as Ray would be to Aaron in Lost’ not that I’m completely sold on that idea by any means).

This is why John and Jack are so important because they unite the two divergent beliefs of the show, religion (represented by the Hostiles) and science (represented by the DI) so the island can only be in harmony when they come together as part of the same family…

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20 thoughts on “Locke a Shepherd?

  1. What we’ve been kicking around for a while now (check Follow the Leader and You Just Couldn’t Stay Away…) that John and Christian are half brothers. Same father, different mother… I think it’s highly unlikely that Anthony Cooper is actually John Locke’s father and I think that Jacob will turn out to be the father of both John and Christian.

  2. I guess I will ask the BIG question not necessarilly as a dispute (yet;])…

    Who is their mother if Jacob is the father?

    We saw Emily Locke give birth at a young age, they dont appear similar in appearance as Jack, Christian and Ray do, and it seems to me that Lockes real mother when visiting him, with the whole emaculate conception schpeal, would have told him about a long lost brother at that point.

    I get the walking dead connection on the island, but their resurections seem to work very differently, and I cannot help to believe that their is more to it than them being bros.

    Like I said before, not saying its wrong, I just dont see anything new at all that could lead me to believe this true.

  3. Ray looks eerily similar to Jack and Christian, leading me to assume she is not his mothers father, so that would mean that Ray is Jacob, no?

  4. Well yeah, nothing new… but I mentioned this a long time ago so I don’t really need anything new to come up for me to say it ;-). However, the connection I made is from the “kill your father” thing (which up until the last episode I thought was bull crap) and Johns new mission to kill Jacob.

    I believe that was Locke’s real mother that we saw and that Locke and Christian had different mothers making them half-brothers. I’m sure that when Jacob gets the chance to leave the island he gets around a bit…

  5. There is definitely a hole there with the Ray-Jacob connection but I think that could be filled. There was definitely some connection hinted at though. Ray is depicted as a man trapped in a nursing home, trying to escape… much like Jacob.

  6. im ok withthe idea of ray being jacob…..ever since ray told jack in the nursing home…next time i leave no one will ever find me…or something along those lines…i thought he had been to the island

  7. I think hurleys dad is jacob.he was gone for most of hugo’s life.then he just turned up again decades later.He definately knows something about the numbers.

    This entire story could turn out to be about him managing to fiddle the lottery using time travel and letting his son take all the heat.he is aN enigma, and he is the only real star in the whole show.It would be a waste, and an insult to give cheech marin such a small part.He’s never been a bit part player.He’s been a part of the acting community for decades longer than any of the actors in this show.Taking this fact into consideration i have to say theres more to this character than meets the eye.I really dont think this actor would take on such an apparently small roll.If you guys aint familiar with cheech marin google his name…………..

  8. Maybe Chong is jacob?

    …sorry, joking, I seriously doubt Hurley dad being Jacob, but its not to say he hasnt been on the island before, good thought with that.

  9. you see my point though.even though the main complicated story is what gets everyone so intrigued,this could be the spanner in the works thats coused all the problems.the entire 6th season could be about him and how he managed to f*ck everything up to get what he wants

  10. this character hugo’s dad could answer all the questions from the past 5 seasons.he’s gotta play a bigger part for god sake….

  11. I think ALL the losties parents, at least one of each parent, has had something to do with the island at some point.
    Sayid is the only one we dont know much about parents…but I dont see him making it much longer anyway.

  12. ok maybe im focusing too much on hugo’s dad………..cheech marin has always been one of my favourites and i just wanna see him play a more important role in dissapointed with his role so far……but…………..he is connected to the numbers.he’s benefited from them in a very big way,as a parent he’s more important than even christian,or widmore.

  13. He came on to do a small part on the show because he’s worked with the producers before… It’s not really a slight against the actor that his role isn’t bigger…

  14. I think the character will be seen again, most likely on island, but I dont know if it will actually be Cheech reprising a younger role though…

  15. hurley meets his dad on the island and we end up with another loop where hurleys dad (future-2004) helps him get to the island (well secretly puts him in the right direction) it could have been hurleys dad who told him about the plane and to take the guitar

  16. The numbers have been popping up throughout.they are an important part of the story.It CAN’T be a coincidence that hurley won such a large amount of money using the same numbers which play such an integral part in the history of the island.Imagine hugo’s dad going to a time where the lottery has rolled over more than ever, and it has never had a bigger jackpot.Thats what it looks like.He got the numbers to the biggest jackpot he could find.
    In this whole story there is’nt any other more obvious evidence for the existance of the numbers in the first place.

    You know without trying to make things too complicated, this idea is a very good reason as to why no one in the show REALLY knows whats going on at all.Their all trying to find out what, where, when and how ,and not really getting anywhere, except more lost.

    How much did hugo win…100 and something million dollars………Thats a massive amount of money ………’nt it?

    lets look at the facts/evidence:hugo wins a massive amount of money on the lottery…..the numbers he used were 4/8/15/16/23/42………..the mystery island has an underground bunker with the numbers 4/8/15/16/23/42 carved into the concrete…..the bunker also has a computer which someone has to input the numbers 4/8/15/16/23/42…….toomey hears the numbers 4/8/15/16/23/42 when he’s in the pacific………hurley gets the numbers 4/8/15/16/23/42 from someone who heard toomey talking about them…..the source of the numbers came from the island and used by hurley……..hurley ends up on the island AFTER he wins the lottery…….theres no way that hurley would ACCIDENTALLY win the lottery with the exact same numbers that came from this island.Its an impossible coincidence.It just could’nt happen in a million galaxies could it.Someone made it happen…hugo’s dad was on that island,and i have no doubts at all.And he did leave those number’s on that island….how else would these numbers get on the island.Someone had to have made the decision to use these specific numbers in the bunker.the only logical person it could be is HURLEY’S DAD.It’s very basic logic……..who’s living in the lap of luxury because of these numbers?…..where did hugo’s dad go when hugo was just a kid……..all these basic observations say it’s all about the numbers……….mr reyes is resposible, the little raskal!………..if you had a time machine youd do something similar……would’nt you…………..come on!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I’m thinking ray is jacob and that John is in some way a member of the shepherd family… I think Anthony Cooper looks more the age of Christian Shepherd and thats why I said they are brothers, therefore making John, Christians nephew, Jack’s cousin and Ray/Jacob his great-uncle.

    Anthony Cooper is definately John’s dad, that is well established with the kidney transplant and them being a match. However we know little about Cooper’s life (and other aliases, which is why I said Paul Shepherd) so he could have a brother (Christian, who we also know little about his family, only recently meeting Ray – the great man). On the same line of thinking we don’t know much about John’s mom either and she could be the link to the Shepherd fam.

  18. The kidney transplant didn’t really establish anything. John could have been on a doner list and Cooper found out he’d be a match so he conned him into thinking he was his father. Or, maybe John wasn’t the first person he’d tried to con this way but was the first to actually end up being a match… or, you don’t even really need to be a match to donate a kidney to someone, it’s just ideal. But through modern medicine it’s still possible.

  19. If Cooper turns out to be Locke’s father, it could be to show the viewer, that even if your parents and or children are good or bad, you are only judged on who you are and your beliefs.

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