Claire was Jacob?

I was reading HurleyBirds ‘who broke the ash ring’ comments and the talk came around to talking about Claire’s death or not death. If Claire was dead then she was a manifestation of Smokie/Bob/The Rival? If that was so then it would be impossible for Christian and Claire to be in the same house at the same time since they would both be the same person… right? (Thanks aching) Plus it would make very little sense for Christian to talk to Claire to get her to come with him.

Then I remembered Jacob and Hurley’s conversation. Jacob asked Hurley why he didn’t want to come back to the island, the same thing Hurley’s ‘dead friends’ had been wanting him to do and wanted him to go back. It was relatively obvious that Jacob was the one impersonating all the dead people so that he could get Hurley back to the island (his goal all along has been to get the people to the island) because he wanted him to think it was a good thing that he saw the people. So Jacob could be dead people to eh…? Bob and Jacob have similar powers it seems.

Why not impersonate Claire? Assuming that our favorite blonde did die in that explosion, which is looking more and more likely, then I think that Jacob took her place to infiltrate the losties and learn more about them (like if they were good or not). Miles couldn’t see that she was dead but rather that she was not living or different from everyone else. I’ll be interested to see what his reaction to Locke 2.0 is.

But of course Bob/Christian/Smokie/The Rival new that that was improper and decided to go whisk him away. Jacob went with Bob because he asked nicely which was out of character for Claire which is why it seemed so odd. Jacob wasn’t Aaron’s mother which is why he had no problem just leaving them. From that point on Claire was Jacob who was staying and ‘talking’ with Christian as it seemed they were at the cabin. This make it seem as if Jacob also wanted the cabin moved contrary to my other theory and that it was a joint choice by both ruling parties or just Jacob’s with Bob pretending to be working for Jacob…

In any case I’m still hoping I’m wrong and Claire is alive but that seems doubtful…

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8 thoughts on “Claire was Jacob?

  1. I’ve been thinking lately that the smoke thing/monster represents the crash itself,and it kills people because when the past is changed that person ends up being on the manifest,weather they were on it or not.

  2. You know it’s like residual smoke left over from the crash,and will stay until it’s satisfied it’s done all it need’s to do.

  3. thanks for the recognition!

    personally, i don’t think claire (if she was dead) or christian are bob/rival or jacob. i think they were themselves, but just “working” for each party. if jacob was taking on claire’s form in the cabin, then why would he/she tell locke that everything is ok and let him take orders from jacob’s nemesis? also, when christian appeared to her, she said “dad?”. if she was really jacob, then she would’ve known who he really was (as he did with “locke 2.0”) and wouldn’t have acted confused.

    i also think that the ppl that visited hurley really were themselves.

    i just have a really hard time believing that either bob lol or jacob would take on their forms to visit hurley of all ppl. i mean, i like hurley, but what really has he done for the island/jacob? i just think that once the ppl on the island die, they either take jacob’s side or bob’s side and work for them.

    i also think that bob and the smoke monster are two different entities. i don’t know why, but i do.

    i really hope claire is alive too. dead ppl can’t carry babies in their arms, can they?

  4. I think that Christian is/was definitely BOB/Rival (when did we start calling him bob?)

    He did the same exact thing with Locke’s body, but when he turned into Locke he had shit to do, so no time to dump the body.

    When he used Christians body from the coffin, he probably buried it! Thats a simple answer. That way he could walk around as Christian and people wouldn’t be like, didn’t we see that guy dead?

    Bob/Rival had Locke’s memories, so he would have Christians as well, knowing that Jack and Claire are his kids.

    So what if Bob/Rival did something to Claire so that she would abandon Aaron because…..Aaron is Jacob.

    Blond hair, blue eyes?? Maybe!!

    Aaron is pretty special!

  5. Hmm I think that in the form of the person they pick up some of their personality.

    It’s an interesting thought to think that if Aaron is Jacob then Jacob saved himself to bring himself to the losties and then was done with his mission.

    I can’t see why Jacob wouldn’t be all the people visiting Hurley. We were told directly that he wanted him back and said that the people visiting him was a good thing and that he wasn’t crazy. By showing the people he was helping get Hurley back but they didn’t work so he had to come in person.

  6. I’m pretty sure that Claire has reverted to Gothdom and is having hosting a rave in the Looking Glass with Charlie’s moistened corpse as the guest of honor. Macabre, yet satisfying enough for me.

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