Kate’s big day / Hurley & Sayid / Jacob

1) Why was the stealing NKOTB lunchbox so significant for Kate? All the other days Jacob visited the O6 was pretty important. Jin/Sun’s wedding, Jack’s dad reprimand, John tossed from window, Sayid’s love killed, Hurley released from jail. So, what was the big deal about stealing? Did I miss something? (And who was the kid with her?)

2) Everyone but Sayid & Hurley were before they were on 815, any ideas here?

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10 thoughts on “Kate’s big day / Hurley & Sayid / Jacob

  1. The kid with Kate was her little boyfriend she got killed, Tom. He grew up to be a doctor and Kate used him, getting him killed.

    About Kate’s big day (theory): it seems to me Jacob was traveling back in time to set events in motion that would lead the Losties to the island somehow, which ties into number 2… Sawyer needed the pen to finish the letter to drive him to be used in killing the guy he thought was the real Sawyer leading him to be kicked out of Australia to LA. Locke needed to survive the fall to get to the island, etc.

    About why Jacob visited some pre and some post island: Hurley and Sayid were the only ones who weren’t coming back to the island for their own reasons. Hurley wasn’t about to do what Ben says and Sayid was happy with Nadia. Jacob gave them the extra incentive to return.

  2. Amen to that on burningstar.

    Watching Nadia get taken out by that car sure reminded me a lot of Juliet’s ex husband getting taken out by the bus. Both characters turned around right before impact…eerie. Anyway, we know Jacob and Richard are buddy buddy, seems like Jacob has a car crash fettish.

  3. Or, another perspective on Sayid and Nadia…how about that Jacob saved Sayid from getting hit by that car as well? Brutal still, but he spared Sayid.

    And Sayid getting back to the island was actually via Ilana, who we know to be Jacob’s little helper. Ben used Nadia’s death for his purposes, which were revenge killings. It all depends on your perspective.

    And as for Kate, I will be repeating myself from other posts…

    Kate’s ‘incentive’ to return to the island was her guilt and motivation to return Aaron to his mother. She gave him to his grandmother at the least. As Cassidy helped Kate to recognize, she actually “took” Aaron for some of her own purposes. The day that Jacob spoke to Kate about the NKOTB lunch box, he planted that little nugget about not stealing anymore. It took her awhile, but eventually those words came back around (as I’m sure it’s not the only time she felt ‘conviction’) and ultimately got her back to the island to make it right.

    That’s my thought at least.

  4. Damon-Cuse

    Another similar accident happened when Michael had just hung up on his wife, promising he would fight for custody of Walt. The accident sends him on another course in his life that eventually leads to him going to Australia.

  5. The devil tempts by being a seducer. He is attractive. God gives you a choice. He believes in free will. The devil (Lucifer, the fallen arch-angel, the bearer of light) gives you a false choice. He guides you into the wrong choice.

    Jacob could very well be the bad guy (Randall Flag) who manipulates the Losties by removing those life lessons that guide their choices.

    By paying the store owner rather than let Katie face the consequences of her choice to steal the lunch box he removes the life lesson that she could have derived from her action, her choice. In that way she eventually does not see the twisted morality of killing a human being (her father) to save her mother from an abusive relationship.

    Sayid may very well have pulled Nadia out from in front of the car. He may have been hit with her, or they might have had time to cross without incident. She does stop, turn around and talk to him. Pausing in the middle of the street which she might not have done if Jacob had not distracted Sayid. This starts a chain of events that lead to Sayid working for Ben and committing atrocities in the name of his love for her.

    Jack was just contemplating what his father had said about how it is he, Jack who is judging himself. Jack may have been on the brink of an epiphany about his relationship with Christian. This might have led to a reconciliation and brought peace of mind he needed to deal with his marital issues. Then Jacob distracted him with the candy bar and suggested that people sometimes need just a push.

    Is this creature Jacob good or bad?

  6. I guess I am on the same wave length as you Andre7.

    I am having a similar conversation/debate with myself over these very issues.

    I think there is a very fine line, in how we perceive these interactions between Jacob, and ‘the losties’.

  7. Dabs – i said the same thing to HB today…”having an internal debate” … it’s really going to be good to dissect.

    Great perspective and alternatives Andre7.

    I think the key, almost the launching point for which path to follow – is he good or bad? – depends on how one feels about the conversation at the beginning of the show. It was so perfectly worded to go either way… Perspective, perspective, perspective…

    I can interpret it one way while another based on their experiences, beliefs, hopes, etc. can take it another.

    Yes, Dabs, the line is not only ‘fine’ but I think it also ‘shifts’ depending on who is evaluating it!

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