the losties caused the incident

so i was thinking about the incident and everything, and i rememberd something faraday said. he said that after the incident the DHARMA folks would have to cement over the site like “chernoybol” (i think i spelled that wrong). chernoybol was a neucler melt down in ukraine during the soviet era. power plants contain radiation. so do hydrogen bombs i.e. the plutonium core. anyone follow? the neuclear explosion caused by jueillete would have irradiated the area thusforthe the cementing. faradays predictions were right, he just didnt know he was causing it. thats my theory, wut does everyone else think?

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  1. i guess that makes sense but i am no scientist. besides, if they actually change the future and land in LA in 2004, what the heck will season 6 be about?

  2. This is one of my biggest questions right now as well.

    If the bomb was the ‘incident,’ that means that just about every main character from the original flight is now dead, and that situation doesn’t sit well with me, especially plot wise. That means the story for the main characters is probably over.

    If the bomb worked and prevented the incident, that means none of the characters know each other and never. come to the island. Some say this is the case and now they must be convinced to come back to the island, but that makes almost no sense to me.

    Personally, I think its the first one. I think the bomb cause the incident, and they are still going to crash land in the future. The reason I like this is because I feel that death is very significant on the island. I think that the people who have died aren’t truely dead and because of the bomb killing our main people, we will now see what has happend to all that have died on the island. This situation makes the most sense to me and is much more interesting than running around trying to get back back on the island for the millionth time.

  3. Hi awesometoastman! I can’t say that I disagree with you at all.

    I made the same connections, with the Chernobyl reference.

    I am not sure how they will handle the final scene with Juliette, ‘the losties’ and the Swan Station, but l am inclined to think, like other people, that they may just flash to present time. I am sure we will see if this turns out to be the case, next season!

  4. I think Faraday knew exactly what was going to happen. From the time he came back from Ann Arbor to his mother shooting him he was getting people to the roles that Faraday, or someone, had set up for them including putting the thought of blowing up the hydrogen bomb into Jacks’ head. When Miles and Faraday left the Orchid Miles asked Dan what he thought he was doing telling Chang he was from the future and that Miles was his son. Faraday tells Miles just getting Chang where he needs to be or something like that. I could be wrong on my take of it but I believe Faraday exactly what he was doing. Hopefully we will see more of Dan next season as he was/ is one of my favorite characters. Maybe we will get some answers then.

  5. Yes, Faraday knew that the bomb would detonate; he said that events would occur the same as they did the first time (actually there was no first time, just the one). He only changed his mind (maybe) out of emotional distress. Miles also said as much as the Losties all rushed into battle: “Maybe you’re just causing what is supposed to happen anyway.” Not the exact quote, but a summary. So there really is no theory to be had here; there is no mystery regarding the incident anymore(other than what happens to the “time travelers immediately after).

  6. I suggest that the nuclear bomb, if it did go off, contained the potential disaster but not permanently as we know Dharma created the 108 minute button pushing to allow for small release of EM energy.

    Radinsky probably learned from the actions of Jack and placed a nuke down in the hatch and filled it up with cement. The nuke was probably controlled by the failsafe key that Desmond ended up turning to save them the second time.

    That’s my take anyway.

  7. No no no… if a hydrogen bomb goes off anywhere close to a person it will probably kill them right? But how would Dr. Chang come up with the hatch and be in the video for the swan if he was blown up by an H bomb?

  8. I have to disagree with this theory. There is no way the “Losties” caused this. It would be a time paradox, read my new theory on this in he “Lost guys didn’t cause the accident.” Theory.

  9. Nikitis, in case you missed the podcast from the writers on the whole time paradox thing, they said there were not any paradoxes in Lost.

    Surago 636, it was the act of Desmond failing to push the button on time, which originally caused #815 to crash, not ‘the losties’.

  10. “It would be a time paradox”

    Sayid shot Ben, necessitating his trip to Jacob and triggering the chain of events that led to his leadership, which eventually led to his moving of the island, which led to Losties traveling through time, which enabled Sayid to shoot Ben. Paradox.

    Hurley’s numbers. Locke and Richard. Paradoxes.

    Given that we haven’t really had a concrete statement about what really constitutes a “paradox” in Lost reality, how can we really determine what can’t happen? The only paradox that seems to be a real problem is the mystery of the ash ring. Surago636- they didn’t directly cause the crash; it was just a domino in the chain of events. I think the final season will (hopefully) nail down some “rules” for the apparent “time-hopping.”

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