Jacob and Esau

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I know this is not the first time this has been brought up probably but I suspect that Jacob and Rival are two brothers (and the Brother’s name is Esau). In the Bible, Esau was the older of the two, as Rival appears to be… Jacob tricked him out of his birthright by bribing him with stew when he was starving and willing to give up anything.. Our Jacob on Lost offers Rival food and is politely declined 🙂 Just some thoughts on something that is going to torment me until next season.

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4 thoughts on “Jacob and Esau

  1. I completely agree. I wonder who the “father” figure (Isaac) and the “mother” (Rebecca, who aided Jacob in deceiving Esau) is or if that is significant. Jacob of the Bible certainly was not evil, just crafty…..I can’t wait to find out!

  2. HugoLocke, I think there are quite a few comparisons which can be drawn between the story of Jacob and his Nemesis and Jacob & Esau!

    It is certainly worth considering!

  3. i see what ou are saying but im not a fan off these biblical refrences, as you could make an arguement that jacob in the bibal could be Ed Gein! hahah!

    when hes made toput all the skins on to pretend to be Esau!

    now theres a point actualy!


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