an island mystery in a blink.

Im pretty sure a majority of people have read this book, but i just rembered about it today.

As lots of people were complaining about all the unanswered questions and being frustrated about al the time theyre taking. well, i suggest you read Jules Vernes book called “The Mysterious Island

it basically has all the fun of yor island from lost, but solves its mystery in one book. so quit your whining and read the book.

and in the mean time heres wikipedia page for it, since most people wikipdia these days.

i hope that works. i hope i work.


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39 thoughts on “an island mystery in a blink.

  1. Yes sir, I will read it right away! lol

    lost-colombo, On a serious note, I read this book a very long time ago! It is a very good read!

  2. haha!

    it is a classic! it was for the people complaning about having to watch aseries.

    as this book, has an island, people, myster and is summed up in one book

    what more could they want?


  3. haha lol losts-columbo, I knew that, but thought I’d give you a good laugh!

    It’s a long read too, so maybe that ought to keep them busy! lol

  4. ahahah! well it is a big book, but theyre complaning about five years wrth of mystery, in this book, a gentle read every night and itll be done in a month!

    like a little mini lost! for the mini lost fans, who forget its a series!…..

    jules verne would be rolling in his grave if he knew there was an island mystery that lasted five years! in his day if anything took five years it was russias political plans!

    and now people of russia! another five year plan!

    oooohhhh ffff***k know!!!



  5. youve never heardof taking the mick?

    it means, (in a friendly way) making a joke at someones expense.

    i think? does it? im not sure now!

    ill have to consult my trusty manuel for these types of occasions! my manuel for “explaning what the hell i just said; manuel”

    now….its here somewhere!


  6. losts-columbo, you are ‘slaying me’ again! lol

    I have never heard of the saying, and if anyone had a manual to refer to, I could see that being you! haha lol

    Love your humour!

  7. hahaha! its good to have a laugh!

    and us scots have a manuel for everything! we invented the phone, and when you bought one you got a manuel. its great! manuel manuel manuel!

    we love manuels.

    its a pity we didnt make a manuel on how not to take heroin and how not to be the most obese country in europe! hahah!

    but i guess, if it wasnt for all the heroin then there would be even more obese people! now that needs to be made into a manuel! ahhah!


  8. lol I need to brush up on Scotland, because I thought the US, had the highest rate for obesity.

    Next time I need to know something, I will ask you to consult one of your ‘wee’ manuels, then! It will help conserve my brain power, for other important things! haha

  9. hahaha! its sooo funny that you think usa is part of europe! ahhaha! george and tony anyone? ahahha!

    nno but we do have the biggest obesity rate in europe! but im not obese! but if ever i do see one, i say “geed on ye pal, yer keepin scotland in the guinness world records, and were aw pure proud of ye!”

    sad but true…..or not!

    dabs, honestly, like i told you before, if you want to know anything ask me. ill remind you of the rules.

    rule number 1. Struan (thats my real name) is always right”

    rule number 2. everythings a joke.

    so…need anything?


  10. losts-columbo, leave it to you, to twist my mind around! hahaha lol I think your too quick for me! lol

    Struan is a nice name if, that is your real name!

    I shall abide by the rules, laddie! lol

    I am especially on board with Rule #2~

    Just your undying loyalty, is all. lol

  11. hahaha! yet you always question me dabs! always! you questioned my age and now my name!

    it is my real name! i promise. its scots gaelic! although we dont mention gaelic round here anymore, as its been bastardized into a name for scottish lesbians……

    im glad you on board with rule 2, now hop onto rule 1, please, as its important! come on dabs! quick march! quick march!

    now, i shall quick march my self into bed, before you do it! ahahh!

    arevaderci bella regola onesti orso polare!


  12. losts-columbo, I only question you, as you are one of the few people who could succeed at ‘pulling my leg’.

    As for your age, you seem to be wise beyond your years. That is a compliment, in case you didn’t know! lol

    I’m sorry about ‘the gaelics’ in your country! haha

    Now, off to bed ye go, young laddie! Nice talking with you, as usual!

    Ciao, my bella! Pleasant dreams!

  13. nah! if i knew you it would be funy, but i dont see the point in pretending on this site, if i wanted to do that i would have done that on a dating site! ahah!

    im not wise beyond my years, im still young, my youth has been left in the enlgish class, im still there in my head. i guess im glad i can use my brain on this. as i havent used it in ages!

    never mind about them bloody gaelics!

    am aff tae bed richt noo pal!

    piacevole sogni to you to!



  14. losts-columbo, well of ye go, then!

    I shall never question your word again, and will be flogging myself later for that! lol

    Don’t question your wisdom!

    Glad you found the right outlet as your source to display your knowledge and insights!


  15. losts-columbo, I looked up your name and it’s meaning, as I had not ever heard it before. “A stream or flow where the spring appears”!

  16. dabs! how nice to hear your interweb voice again!

    this is true, in scottish it means a “bubbling brook”, how nice of you to look up my name! your soooo nice! hahaha! your a geed yin!

    hope your feeling better!

    also, what is your name, i feel obliged to ask now.


  17. haha losts-columbo, my interweb voice is still a little hoarse! lol I am slowly feeling better, but it’s not happening fast enough for my liking! The nuts and bolts in my brain aren’t turning in unison! haha lol

    I saw it was a very popular Scottish name, and the clans it was associated with.

    Don’t feel obligated to ask my name. lol It’s biblical, and I go by the shortened down version. A famous ‘mother’ shared my name. lol

  18. well as long as the bolts and cogs are still there and you havent sneezed them out, and fashioned a small spinning device then that is great news! i hope you get better soon! i wish i could send you a get well soon card! hahah!

    it is quite an uncommon name i think, there is the od few, but none of them are as cool as me, but that goes without saying!

    the only famous mother i can think of is mother teresa> but that doesnt shorten, and i guess your name is not hubbard! haha, because then youd be called hub, and thats a bit odd!

    since im a gambling man….im going to put my money on liz…! becca! ill go for becca, that sounds canadian….crap, i wish i went for liz now!


  19. haha I think that I did sneeze out a few cogs and bolts. Hopefully, I can get by on what I have left! lol

    Thanks for the well wishes. And, you are verrry cool, I might add.

    Hey, great first guess! You were correct and it does shorten down. Well, I did it myself, so it’s shortened. lol

    Noooo, naw the nooooo, not a Becky or a Liz. Or Mother Hubbard! lol hahaha (it took me twice reading it, before I made the connection) haha No more sneezing! lol

  20. haha! so you are called teresa?

    howdo you shorten that? to tery? thats a cooool name, ive always liked tery!

    and if you named after mother teresa, i hope with your flu, you dont go flingin you sanddles in the bin anytime soon! ahha!

    ahha, i love when you try to type scottish, its a pure lark ken?



  21. losts-columbo, you are the clever one! You got it, right!

    It was the saint, actually I was named after. My whole family have biblical names. It’s the RC way! lol haha

    I knew that my Scottish would impress you! hahaha lol

    Well, I will let you say good-night because I need to rest the few brain cells I am currently operating on! lol

  22. HAHAHA! you must be roman catholic! wacth when you leak information like that on here, you might get linched! hohoh!

    im actually suposed to be roman catholic as well, i went to a roman catholic school! but they truly lost me at the bit were jesus walkied on water and fed tuna sandwhiches to the masses, i mean, who serves tuna sandwhiches with no mayonaise? simple error jesus! come on! hahaha!

    good night teresa! ahah! hopeyou fel better tomorow!


  23. losts-columbo, well, it wouldn’t be the first time that I was crucified! lol haha You gotta roll with the punches! haha lol

    Tuna without mayonnaise is just plain wrong! haha

    I am hoping tomorrow is a good day!

    Ciao, my bella!


  24. how ever did you get that impression dabs?

    i have a question….if Dracula cant see in mirrors, how come hes always gota perfect centre parting?…now isnt that odd!

    how you feeeling?


  25. lol losts-columbo, I love your style, what can I say.

    I think Mrs. Dracula parted it for him!

    I am feeling better than Dracula, although just as pale as him! haha I see light at the end of the tunnel. A couple of days, I should be on my way back to better health.

    Thanks for asking! And, what is new with yourself?

  26. misses dracula! sheesh! i bet shes a pain in the side!but kinda kinky! hahah!

    most of youcandians are whitey arent you?, in scottish we say “peeley waley”, your always looking ill, and you all have that look of, “im gonna cut down a big old tree” in your faces! ahhaha!

    glad to here your getting better pal! im great, i won a bet on the weekend and won 198 quid wich was coooolll ass!

    so i promply spent it on teeshirts ahah!

    all gone!

    hows life with you?

    (very casual conversation here! ahah)


  27. losts-columbo, only Dracula knows for sure! lol

    Wow, that is way cool on the $$$$. Glad you spent it wisely too! lol

    We Canucks are pale in the winter and very tanned in the summer. It gets very hot here! In the winter, we all have rosy cheeks! lol

    Life is always good with me, but the sickness has been a royal pain! I am not used to this much sleep/rest!

    I need to go and rest again, so I will let you say goodnight for now!

  28. yes only dracula the mythical creature who is alergic to garlic, maybe he just had bad undercooked garlic bread at his local italian…just an idea!

    im glad your getting better my dear!

    must go to bed to,

    mwah! CIAO TERESA!



  29. haha lol yeah, it was the garlic bread!

    Thanks for the well wishes, and have yourself a good sleep and sweet dreams!

    May you wake to a sunny day!

    Ciao, my bella!

    Back atcha!

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