Are Penelope and Faraday half-siblings then?

Written on 15th May 2009

Think the title states it all. Has this been discussed already? If so, sorry. If not, why not? Who is Penny’s mother? Could be full siblings I guess. Perhaps Widmore isn’t really her father.

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The Apostle

Originally from a town near Seattle, WA, now living in Memphis, TN. Yikes. Late bloomer when it comes to Lost, started watching based on the recommendation of a friend near the middle of the third season. I think. I then raced through the episodes online and have since gone through the seasons 3X. Not sane. I work as an engineer and grappling is a huge passion of mine. I am both excited, to see how it all gets explained, and sorry, I don't want the show to end, to have this be the final season.

One thought on “Are Penelope and Faraday half-siblings then?

  1. The Apostle, we have not learned who Penny’s mother is, but it is not Ms. Hawking.

    Lostpedia does confirm Charles Widmore is her father.

    Hope this is helpful.

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