Characters are Sins?

Written on 14th May 2009

HI iv done this once and it didn’t seem to work so il try again, in a rush so sorry for it not being as well thought out as id like.

I think that Jacob could be some sort of angel or the shows representative of an angel as is the other guy and that Jacob visited the lost characters as he was choosing them as representatives of the sins of man (if my background info on the characters is right) sun cheated on jinn, kate was stealing when she met jacob, did lock try to kill himself?

Also the black smoke seems to judege people and mr eko didnt want to be forgiven for his sins and thats when the smoke kiled him.

It could be that the people who are coming (which jacob said at the end of the last episode) are angels and some sort of judgement day is about to begin.

When i have more time i will try and exsplain myself more but i thought id put my theory out for discussion.

My point being i think the story is going to take a much more biblical turn, im not saying theres going to be a god apperaing and stuff but i think thats what is being represented

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