White Shirt Vs. Black Shirt (OMG!) (literally)

Written on 14th May 2009

So, Jacob is God, wearing the white tunic, and was living in the shadow of the statue.
His Enemy is the other immortal in the black tunic. Black shirt is the smoke monster. It is Lucifer. Satan.

God and The immortal Bad Ass have been debating the nature of man since the garden of Eden. They are testing man over and over and over, so that Satan can prove to god that man is inherently evil. God, however, says that man is good, and will eventually overcome their violent ways. All of their failures are “just progress” if they can get it right just once, he says.

John Locke is really dead, but the bad ass immortal smoke monster has reanimated himself into John’s body. Smokey Satan had to convince a mortal to kill Jacob. Obviously Satan can not kill God, or he would have done it himself a long time ago. So he has Ben kill Jacob. I thought the conversation between John an Ben was amazing–when he convinces Ben that all of his sacrifices and years of faithful service got him nothing but banished. Classic lies and manipulations that only the devil himself could come up with. This was in the 2007, or present day on the island.

But, why was Jacob not in the cabin? Why was there a ring of ashes around the perimeter of the cabin when Illana & Co went there? Were they looking for Jacob? Or, were they really looking to confront their enemy, Bad Ass Smokey? I think it never was Jacob’s house–it was Smokey’s house. Why else would they burn the cabin?

Back in 1977, thought the whole storyline was kind of disappointing, really. Kate drives me nuts always changing her mind. Without good reason. Then, Juliette changes her mind, twice, but at least they gave us a little back story to explain why. Besides, we all knew Juliette would die because she was wearing the fateful red shirt (Star Trek–you know what I am talking about).

So obviously the all came to the same conclusion–they should nuke the island and hit reset. I think this was terrible. I mean, how anyone can rationalize killing all of those people on the island (even if they were bad guys) just so that they could erase their own miserable memories of the last 3 years? This is akin to the suicide bombers and the terrorists who bomb storefronts in the name of some holy freaking jihad. I hated all of them when they did it. How selfish, delusional, and stupid have they become? It just makes me think of all of the megalomaniacal freaks who murder millions in the name of god or their ideals.

And you know that they don’t all die. A purple light will flash and they will all be transported back to the present day. We know this because Jacob says, “They’re coming” as he is gagging up blood right before smokey kicks him into the fire pit. Except for Julia, because of her red shirt, of course. She is just toast.

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3 thoughts on “White Shirt Vs. Black Shirt (OMG!) (literally)

  1. This Might Be a Bit of a Long Shot..but THe other immortal is Richard Right? Maybe He is like one of the archangels? Like Gabrial the messenger..because he constantly messages between ‘God’ and the leader of the others….idk it’s a long shot! 😀

  2. I just can’t figure out Richard. He said that “Jacob made me this way”, but what does that mean? He is Jacob’s agent or angel or demi-god–he is definately immortal or very long lived.

    I expected that the whole Jacob mystery would be about God or some Egyptian dieties, but I didn’t think that they would wrap the show around the “gods” so blatently. I mean, sci-fi fans don’t typically like it when you mix Jesus in with their Time Lords.

  3. Yeah, i mean they have based the whole show around scientists even through character naming, so it seems odd to suddenly bring in religion, but Jacob is a Biblical name i think so it seems likely that it is linked somehow….Its all very Confusing! (I think your onto something with the timelords though 😛 (i mean all this time travel…its a wonder a tardis hasn’t appeared on the island!)

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