Reflection in the Eye…

Written on 14th May 2009

From the Iconic & often sited season 1 camera shot of the eye close up, & then repeated as the final image of the season 5 finale.

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3 thoughts on “Reflection in the Eye…

  1. maddog99, very cool connection with ‘the eye’ and the reflections!

    I have found an interpretation of the Greek wording, and it is “He who shall save us”, and another which is fairly similar. I am certain somebody will transcribe its exact meaning.

    I am torn about Jacob’s last words to his Nemesis. It could either mean, Ilana and Bram because he asked for Ilana’s help, or he may have been referring to ‘the losties’ because he touched them, or both! lol

    I’m not sure how Season 6 will begin after ‘the flash’ we witnessed, but I do think they will end up in present time, on their way to the statue.

  2. I have the screen shot of the eye on the TV. I can see the image. Also their is a reflection of a human ear in the iris of the eye…. Just thought I would share this. How many in Alean’s group?

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