The Ultimate Theory: Who is Jacob’s enemy?

Written on 14th May 2009

So right now you’re probably begging to know more about Jacob’s enemy? Why is he so eager to kill Jacob? Was that him in the form of Locke? All your questions surrounding him shall be answered here, brace yourself..what you are about to read may be considered a spoiler:

Jacob’s enemy (the man in the very first scene) is the smoke monster (smokie).

My thought is that he orchestrated most (if not all) of what has happened to every person since the Black Rock. He has conned his way into the minds of every person on the island in one way or another. Take Locke for instance, Locke encountered “smokie” early in season one and said that he had “seen the eye of the island, and it was beautiful” giving him a purpose to do what was necessary to save it, which eventually led to his death. Not excluding, though, the fact that over this period of time, he had become the leader of the Others, which forced Richard to believe/trust in him. So when Locke dies and his body is brought back to the island, “smokie” could then take on the appearance of Locke.

Another example is Jack, “smokie” appeared to him as Christian early in the first season which led him to become the leader of the survivors and made him obsessed with leaving the island, which had to happen in order for Locke to have a reason to leave the island and eventually be murdered by Ben.

So what I am trying to get at? Simple – Jacob’s enemy is the smoke monster and he is able to take on the form of anyone who died on the island. This is why when he met Jacob he stated how difficult it was for him to get to where he was. Taking on all those forms and give those people, Jack, Locke, etc a sense of purpose was not easy by any means.

**It’s interesting to note though that the dead people Hurley outside the Island (such as Ana-Lucia) may not be manifestations of smokie. They are most likely genuine apparitions of their former self.**

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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Theory: Who is Jacob’s enemy?

  1. how do you explain the appearance of Ben’s mother on the island when she died off it? if she was indeed a manifestation of the smoke monster?

    Also, i believe that getting us to think that smokie and the MIB are one is just an obvious ploy by the writers to throw us off the scent (like usual)!

  2. Hello I_Am_Jacob! Your questions are very intriguing and difficult to answer and that is challenging. I don’t believe that MIB and Smokey are the same and I think also that smokey can affect people’s dreams too. Remember when John had the dream of Horace cutting the tree over and over and then he knew where to look for the cabin? When he woke up Ben told him that he used to have that kind of revealing dreams too. Forgive my English I’m from Italy but I hope I have made my point. Of course you might be right when you mention the writers’ploy etc etc…can’t wait to know your opinion.

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