The Statue Of Sobek and Taweret

This is a paragraph from wikipedia about Taweret;

In their art, Taweret was depicted as a composite of all the things the Egyptians feared, the major part of her being hippopotamus, since this is what the constellation most resembled, with the arms and legs of a lioness, and with the back of a crocodile. On occasion, later, rather than having a crocodile back, she was seen as having a separate, small crocodile resting on her back, which was thus interpreted as Sobek, the crocodile-god, and said to be her consort.

Maybe the statue is representation of both Gods. Sobek’s character I feel is very similiar to Jacobs and Taweret fertility God protects the Island.

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3 thoughts on “The Statue Of Sobek and Taweret

  1. I like this, it makes alot of sense. Many people seem to want to place the statue of the God as a single body. Do we really think that the Lost writers would make it easy on us? What if this is a God that we have never heard of before.

    Building more on your theory, if Taweret was the statue, and Jacob lies in the shadow of the statue, he could be sobet swimming in the waters of the nile


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