Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Hello everybody on theories on lost. I posted a few times back in the lost theories days and I had a few things I wanted to run past some of you.

I have been thinking quite a lot about this show. It contains many themes which I find very interesting. One of the reasons I am hooked, is due to the ever increasing mystery around the show. All the questions it raises and the debate it creates.

After watching the season final, I was struggling with some of the new directions and explanations the show has to offer. Jacob is real, who is his buddy and what are their motivations. The loophole and why he wants to kill Jacob so much.

Anyway, many people are questioning if this is good vs evil or simply two sides at odds with each other. This has led me to think about these two guys on the island and has caused me to ask WTF?

My idea comes from some of the motifs already shown. Such as time travel, black and white, free will vs fate. Not to mention some of the great theories already posted on this site.

The whole appearing like someone else, fake Locke etc. The smoke monster. The time travel wheel. Jacobs apparent ability to heal and give everlasting life.

Well I understand they wanted supernatural events in this series. What I do believe is that they will have some rationale explanation for these things. Possibly using science. This has been used already and so therefore I don’t think its a great stretch to follow this theme. Ie The smoke monster. I do not believe it is a spirit or a magical being.

So my idea is that Jacob and his pal are from the future. This is my way of putting the smoke monster and the paranormal happenings of this show into context. The smoke monster is a machine they brought back with them. Jacob/Jacobs pal can heal (medicine – alot of healing going on), grant everlasting life (renewal of tissue – Richard jumps in the machine every month or so) and create dopplegangers (clones – notice claire and Christian are in the Cabin together at the SAME TIME). This kind of machinery would certainly be viewed as magic by the Egyptians. This would have elevated Jacob and his buddy to godhood.

So if they were gods, Jacob possibly taking the role of healer/protector and his pal the role of king of the underworld/dead. Imagine these two guys from the future, with all this power. I think it kind of went to their heads. The ancient civilisation destroyed itself because it split into two factions. Two kinds of people. Those who are given free will from Jacob, and those that are forced into service by Jacob’s buddy.

Jacob rules the surface of the island, his pal the underworld of tunnels and caves.

These two factions are opposed both ethically and by their purpose. War ensues and civilisation on the island is destroyed. Jacob is left with the learned knowledge that absolute power corrupts absolutely and thus he takes a back seat to the action. He uses Richard as an intermediate between himself and his followers. He can not let himself be put into the position where he has absolute power. Jacob’s pal, is a different story. He uses clones (created from dna taken from dead bodies) to manipulate people and achieve Jacob’s death.

The smoke monster has appeared just before Yemi showed up. The ‘fake characters’ such as Yemi, Christian, Possibly Claire, Locke seem to be on the opposite side to Jacob. From what I can make out, I think the machine that controls the smoke monster is under the direct control of Jacob’s buddy. He uses it to control people, scare people, find out if they are useful to him. If not, then he kills them.

Jacob who is not directly involved with his followers, uses his pal’s plan to his advantage. He can sneak a trojan horse into the deal. By allowing his own death, he hides his plan from his enemy. His death will lead to his success. His enemy wants to kill him and is therefore so single minded about it, he misses the important fact that Jacob has secured his own success. What this is exactly, I am not sure, but I think it has something to do with creating a civilisation of it’s own free will that can overcome human nature to destroy itself. Maybe this is a reflection on the numbers and the end of everything.

Yeah, sure, this is just a guess. But I think it is a much better guess than saying they are aliens or from Atlantis. The reason I came to this conclusion was from visual clues.

Jacob and his pal have been on the island for a long long time. 1000 years would certainly do funny things to a person. Jacob seem relaxed and accepting of it. His tapestry was a vital clue to me. Someone who spends their time creating an artwork that takes so much effort. He is filling his time with creating things and his attitude seems very sublime. “Yeah sure I spent a long time on this island, but I’m not going to go nuts”.

Jacob’s friend says right from the start, he wants to kill him. He is the opposite of Jacob. He would not spend 100’s of hours on a tapestry. He seems he would prefer to destroy it in 5 seconds and feel elated from the fact. While both seem very bored with existence, Jacob takes it in his stride. However, his buddy is far from relaxed. He seems pent up, trapped here on this island with this ‘idiot’ Jacob. He wants to kill him. His plans, his way of helping people, his ideas for human greatness, they simply give him the shits. Badly. He wants him dead for the very reason that he irritates him and gets in his way.

If the others are followers of Jacob. Then they are opposed to Jacob’s pal.

With all the past themes of Black vs white. I personally think this show is about absolutes. Jacob and his pal are absolutes. At either pole of the spectrum. Good vs evil. Jacob is a creator, a protector, he’s one of the good guys. The fact he slowly created the tapestry, the fact I think he took a back seat and gave up power, the fact the show continues along the white/black idea instead of grey. His buddy is his polar opposite. Evil and wants nothing more than to destroy Jacob.

Sorry to ramble. I just think at the moment, we do have enough info to form such an idea. Any thoughts?

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One thought on “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

  1. losttime, what an extremely well written and thought out theory. And, you should have posted in the theories section, as it is more than worthy!

    I like the idea of ‘polar opposites’, ‘two opposing forces, at odds with one another’. The whole duality of not only mans nature but the nature of the Universe itself.

    These opposing forces represent the perfect balance and harmony required for its entire existence and future.

    If, I had to place a wager, it would be that the ‘forces’ of the Universe are out of balance, and its very existence is threatened.

    Something needs to be altered, in order for the equilibrium and balance to be restored, to ensure its future.

    All of the metaphors, symbolism, and spiritual aspects are being placed into question, to achieve a different outcome.

    Figuring out, how it all comes together is the mystery!

    Nice Work!

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