Anyone else…?

Yeah… I know this has absolutely nothing to do with anything and it was from Miles episode a while ago but… anyone else annoyed by the completely overgrown eyebrow he had when visiting his dying mom? I know it was fake because of the piercing but MAN! That eyebrow was a distraction for me… I barely have any idea what they were saying because I was so distracted by his freaking eyebrow… The make-up department couldn’t get his real eyebrow and the fake one to match at all!? They were completely different… ugh…Yes thank you for enjoying my eyebrow rant… it’s been bothering me for some time.

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My sister got me started on the show. She now hates it with a firey passion and is ready to punch me in the face anytime I mention it. I guess she's not cool enough for it. My favorite characters are Sawyer, Hurley, Charlie, and Desmond.

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