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I have a personal Lost Blog where I write a review on each episode as it airs, and thought I’d share my one about The Incident here. I ask a lot of questions in my reviews, some of which have been asked many times here, but some others haven’t, so I’d love to hear your thoughts, theories etc. etc.

Here goes 🙂

After watching the Finale twice and letting it all sink in I feel ready to write my review. In true Lost style they provided a Finale that was exciting, confusing, action-packed, and above all, ended with a cliffhanger! Remember when we used to wonder what was down The Hatch? We’ve come so far since then, but still Lost has managed to leave us with lots of things to ponder until Season 6!

First things first… say hello to Jacob!

The Incident

Finally, we get to meet the mystery man who was introduced to us way back in season 3 in “The Man Behind The Curtain”. Although, that particular scene in the cabin just doesn’t add up with what we know now after The Incident. In TMBTC, Ben takes Locke to the cabin and has a conversation with what seems to be an empty chair. Ben tries to convince Locke that Jacob is in the chair, and while doing so all hell breaks lose. Ben is pushed back, and we see for a split second someone actually sitting in the chair. Then Locke hears someone say “Help Me”. It’s important to note that Ben doesn’t hear this (well, that’s what we’re led to believe).

The Incident

Anyhow – from this scene I thought, and I don’t think I’m the only one, that Ben had somehow trapped Jacob in the cabin and that he needed Lockes help to escape. There was black ash surrounding the cabin which Ben told Locke not to touch, and from this we gathered that this was some sort of barrier that kept Jacob from escaping.

Also, from other episodes featuring the cabin, we’re led to believe that it somehow moves. Remember when Locke was trying to find it again? Remember when Hurley saw it in one place and then another? More about this later.

The Incident

So, back to Jacob. After we’re led to believe that Jacob has been locked away in this cabin, this episode totally contradicts that. We see Jacob as a free man, he fishes, he does tapestry, he leaves the island whenever he likes… oh, and he, like Richard, doesn’t age. And he lives in a pineapple under the sea the foot of the famous four-toed statue.

So, who was in the cabin? I have a thought… but first, let’s take a look at the first scene of this episode.

BLOND MAN: I take it you’re here ’cause of the ship.

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: I am. How did they find the Island?

BLOND MAN: You’ll have to ask ’em when they get here.

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: I don’t have to ask. You brought them here.

The Incident

So, what we can gather from this is that Jacob has the ability to bring people to the island. We see during the episode that Jacob meets with some of the Flight 815ers and he makes it a point to touch each of them. Is this how he is capable of bringing people to the island? Did he go out into the real world and touch some of the people on that ship?

The Incident

Speaking of that ship, is it the Black Rock? Given that we were introduced to the Black Rock in Season One and has been a mystery ever since, it seems reasonable that this could be the writers way of showing us how the Black Rock ended up on the island. How it ended up in the middle of the jungle though, is still a mystery. Anyhow, if this is the Black Rock, is this where Richard Alpert comes from?

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: Still trying to prove me wrong, aren’t you?

BLOND MAN: You are wrong.

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: Am I? They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.

BLOND MAN: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.

It seems Jacob brings people to the island for a reason. From this conversation it seems he is trying to prove his “nemesis” wrong, and that people don’t just come and fight, destroy and corrupt. But why? Why would Jacob need to do this?

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?


GRAY-HAIRED MAN: One of these days, sooner or later… I’m going to find a loophole, my friend.

BLOND MAN: Well, when you do, I’ll be right here.

The Incident

It appears that Jacob and his “nemesis” can’t kill each other. How that reflects on Ben and Widmores situation is beyond me so I won’t even try to go into that 😉

However, why would Jacobs “nemesis” want to kill him? What’s so important for Jacob to try and prove him wrong, and for his “nemesis” to want to kill him? How long have they been on the island and how long has this conflict been going on?

Let’s get back to the cabin

Ok, so this leads me back to who was in the cabin when Ben and Locke went there. I’m having trouble believing that it was Jacob, so I’m going to say it was his “nemesis”.

The Incident

We know there is a conflict between them, so perhaps Jacob trapped his “nemesis” in the cabin a long time ago so that he couldn’t find the “loophole”. He asks Locke for help and eventually he does (although he’s unaware because he is… dead). Someone along the way made an opening in the ash that surrounds the cabin, and his “nemesis” escaped. He escaped and was able to use Lockes body. This must also mean that he used Christians body…

Wait… what?

This is where this whole thing gets a little OTT for me (yes, I know it’s Lost… but still). The Smoke Monster is supposodly responsible for using Christians body (and Yemi’s, Alex’s, and Walt’s) so with this information are we meant to believe that the man that was talking to Jacob at the beginning of the episode is also Smokey? That Jacob’s “nemesis” is Smokey?

The Incident

I have a problem with that because if Jacob is to have a “nemesis”, I’d want it to be someone who is similar to him. Smokey to me should be an entity all on it’s own.

That being said, if Jacob’s “nemesis” was anything like him he wouldn’t need to use bodies of dead people (and alive… Waaaalt?) to walk around. It just seems too much to me.

Let’s go back to Christian

The Incident

We’ve seen Christian appear on the island since the first season, and with each season his role seems to grow and be more important. Assuming that Jacob’s “nemesis” used Christians body then his interactions with Locke makes sense. His first meeting with Locke was in the cabin where he told him he has to move the island. This sets in motion his plan to be rid of Jacob. Let’s not forget that when the island was time-jumping, Richard took care of Lockes gun shot wound and told him that to bring the O6 back to the island he had to die. Richard told him this because “present day Locke” told him, who as we now know, is really Jacobs “nemesis”.

What about Christians other roles? In Season One he appeared to Jack and after Jack followed him it led him to his coffin (which was empty). It also led him to the caves where they found a water supply and where half of them took up camp. From this it appears that Christian is helping them survive.

The Incident

In Season Four he led Claire a-stray and left baby Aaron at the foot of a tree. What were his reasons behind this? Did he know that Aaron would be taken away from the island and so did it to help him?

Also in Season Four he appeared just before the Freighter blew up and told Michael he could go. What was the point in him doing that? If Jacob has the ability to bring people to the island, then perhaps his “nemesis” has the same ability? With that ability, perhaps they can also determine who “can go”?

What if Jacob brings good people to the island and his “nemesis” brings the bad? Who knows… but I’m getting lost in my thoughts and getting away from the episode in hand.

The Cabin… again

The Incident

So, if the cabin supposedly moves, how did Ilana and co. find it straight away? Actually, how did they find it full stop? It appears that the “What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue” crew have been here before. Bram notices the ash surrounding the cabin had been broken. Ilana went in the cabin to inspect and when she comes out she declares that “he” is not there and that he hasn’t been for some time. A picture of the Statue was left as a clue to “his” whereabouts and that’s exactly where they went. Not before burning the cabin though.

So, where they really looking for Jacob there? Perhaps Jacob did live there once, a long time ago. But why would they be worried about the ash being broken? If Jacob did live there why would there be ash surrounding it to prevent him from leaving? This makes me wonder that perhaps the ash wasn’t there to stop him from leaving, but to stop anyone entering. If Jacobs “nemesis” is the Smoke Monster perhaps it can’t get past the ash, therefore unable to get to Jacob.

The Incident

But someone was in the cabin when Ben and Locke went there… so whoever broke the ash circle must’ve done it after this. So who was it? If Jacobs “nemesis” took control of Christian then perhaps he was able to break it. But if he did, why wait until he had Christians body? Surely there are other bodies lieing around on that island that he could’ve used (Yemi for example).

This is making me go round in circles, but you can see my reasons for questioning this… yes? 😉

One last thing… why did they burn the cabin?

Let’s get back to Jacob

So, as I said earlier, in this episode we see Jacob meet with some of the Flight 815ers. Some of them he met pre-815, and some pre-316. What’s interesting is he made it a point to touch each of them. I asked earlier if this could be a way of bringing them to the island, but what if it goes deeper than that.

The Incident

Let’s take a look at who he visited: Kate, Sawyer, Jin & Sun, Sayid, and Jack. All but Sun are stuck in the 70s. Could his touch protect them from The Incident? Could it be his touch that brings them back to 2007 when The Incident happens.

Notice how we were given a Juliet flashback without the presence of Jacob? I feel this was done for a reason. Jacob didn’t touch her therefore she won’t survive The Incident (well… given her present situation I doubt it’d go any other way). But did Jacob avoid touching her because he knew she’d be a sacrifice?

The Incident

Or, given that we weren’t given a Miles flashback, perhaps Jacob only touched the people from Flight 815? Thinking about it, Flight 815 crashed on the island, but Juliet and Miles both chose to go to the island. Although, given the fact that Jacob touched Hurley and Sayid after Flight 815 it stands to reason that his touching them wasn’t solely the reason for Flight 815 to crash. In fact, I’m going to go with Jacob touched them to protect them from The Incident and to bring them back to 2007 when need be.


Locke told Ben he had to kill Jacob. Locke reminded Ben of his pain when Alex died, and the fact that he got a tumor, and that Jacob didn’t do anything to help. This seems to set off something in Ben, and at the end of the episode he confronts Jacob. Jacob lets him know that he has a choice: to do what Locke says, or to leave. When Ben questions why Jacob has always ignored him even though he’s given everything to do what Jacob wants, Jacob doesn’t seem to care. This only makes Ben take that final move and stab him.

The Incident

But what about Ben? When he was young he was approached by Richard and told him he didn’t want to stay with his dad. Richard promised him he could join them but the time wasn’t right… he had to be patient. When he was 12, Sayid shot him and Richard took him to the temple to be healed.

If Jacob didn’t really care about Ben why would Richard approach him in the first place, and then years later proceed to heal him? If truth be told, Jacob probably cares more about Ben than anyone.

The Incident

But let’s take a look at Locke. Richard was more than willing to let Locke see Jacob but this is because Locke has influenced his own destiny. He turns up at The Others camp in 1954 declaring that he is their leader and that Jacob sent him. He then disappears leaving Richard confused. Over the years Richard visits him but sees nothing special about him. In 1977, Jack tells Richard not to give up on him. Jack, now blinded by his own destiny, has planted a false seed in Richards mind. It gives him confidence that Locke is supposed to be their leader.

But, if Locke hadn’t gone back to 1954, and Jack to 1977, Richard wouldn’t know about Locke.

This is the difference between Ben and Locke. Jacob chose Ben but didn’t choose Locke.

So why did Jacob touch Locke?

The Incident

Now, I have a theory with regards to this and it’s based upon what I said earlier. If Jacob touched the rest of the Flight 815ers so that they would arrive back to 2007 at the time of The Incident, perhaps he touched Locke so that he would come back to life when this happened?

I know that Jacob appeared to touch Locke to bring him back to life after his fall, and he probably did, but there must be some other reason for him to do so.

Maybe Jacob knows what is going to happen and has told Richard. With this information Richard believes the Locke that has arrived back is the back-to-life Locke Jacob told him about and therefore sees no reason to keep him away from Jacob?

But if Jacob knew…

If Jacob knew what was going to happen then he knew the Locke that will arrive with Ben will be his “nemesis”, and he knew that Ben would “kill” him.

So what does this all mean?

The Incident

Quite frankly, I don’t know. But I think “The War” that Charles Widmore told Locke about is on its way (how did Widmore know about this war?)…

JACOB: They’re coming.

They’re coming? Ilana and Bram, Richard and The Others, Flight815ers? All possibilities and all playing for the same team: Jacob. So what about Jacobs “nemesis”? The only person who is following his word is Ben, but that may end as soon as Ben realises he has been manipulated. I bet the grand manipulator didn’t see this coming…

Jacobs Nemesis

Let’s take a quick look at the dialogue at the beginning of the episode again:

GRAY-HAIRED MAN: Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?


GRAY-HAIRED MAN: One of these days, sooner or later… I’m going to find a loophole, my friend.

BLOND MAN: Well, when you do, I’ll be right here.

The Incident

Jacob told his “nemesis” that he’d be right there when he finds the loophole. As we see Jacob and his “nemesis” are near the statue. Why does Jacobs “nemesis” need Richard to show him where Jacob is if Jacob told him he’d be right there? Right in that very spot? It doesn’t make much sense to me. It also appears that “nemesis” is shocked that Jacob would be there. But why? Perhaps he remembers what he told him all those years ago and is shocked that somehow Jacob knew he’d be there when the loophole was found?

Back to Locke

Ok, so Ilana and co. bring the body of John Locke to Richard. As Sun asks, if this is Locke, who is in there with Jacob? Well, we all know that it must be Jacobs “nemesis”, but if he doesn’t actually use the persons body, where is Christians body? Jack found his fathers coffin empty and at the time we were led to believe that he’d come back to life and walked out of his coffin, but this appears to not be the case, so where is his body? It couldn’t have gone that far from his coffin…

The Incident

Another thing about Locke is, has Jacobs “nemesis” been Locke this whole time since 316 crashed? I remember Locke standing in the sea eating fruit enjoying the fact that he was alive again, this Locke felt like the real Locke. I was going to suggest that perhaps the real Locke was killed near the barracks when he went walkabout and then reappeared when Ben summoned the Smoke Monster, but then I remembered Ilana and co. found his body on Hydra Island. So was he killed before he and Ben left Hydra, or has it really been Jacobs “nemesis” this whole time?

Will the real John Locke come back to life to fight his “nemesis?”

Rose and Bernard

The Incident

Finally we get to see what has happened Rose and Bernard. It seems they have set up home on the beach and have been living in bliss for the past 3 years. Why haven’t The Others or Dharma happened upon them before? It seems they have tins of Dharma food, where have they been getting this from? And their cabin… is that the same as Jacobs cabin?

If there’s something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call?

The Incident

Miles Straum perhaps? Miles seems to be the only one questioning whether Jack is about to cause the thing they’re trying to prevent. And good on him. Did this stop them from doing it though? Nope. However, whether or not The Incident was caused by the H-Bomb remains to be seen…

Bye bye Juliet

After 3 blissful years of living with Sawyer the return of the Flight 815ers causes havoc in her life. They’ve caused conflicts amongst their people and one in particular has caused a rift between her and her loved one. Juliet made the heartbreaking decision to help Jack change the past so that she wouldn’t have to go through losing Sawyer. Unfortunately, her decision has a devastating effect. She gets pulled into the hole and falls all the way to the bottom.

The Incident

Now, one would assume that falling all that way would be instant death. But Juliet managed to survive. Not only that, but she landed in short distance of the H-Bomb. Enough for her to throw a rock at it to detonate it. It seems it was her “destiny” to sacrifice herself for her friends.

Did the bomb actually go off or was the bright light we saw at the end a time-flash? Perhaps just at this moment they flashed back to 2007? Even so, would Juliet survive? I don’t think so.

If the bomb did go off and this wasn’t part of The Incident, have they really changed their fates? If so, what will become of next season?

The Incident

I’m on the “Whatever Happened, Happened” bandwaggon and think that the H-Bomb, whether it went off or not, was always going to be thrown down that hole by Jack. This was The Incident and we saw it happen exactly the way it always had.


The Incident

Oh Desmond, Desmond… where for art thou’ Desmond? I really hope that we haven’t seen the last of him. In The Variable we see Desmond alive and well after being shot by Ben and declaring to Penny that he would never leave her. We also find out that Eloise Hawking has no idea what is going to happen next (or does she?). However, baby Charlie was left in the care of one of the nurses while Penny saw Desmond alone. And daddy Widmore was outside asking Eloise about Desmond. Could baby Charlie be kidnapped and used as bait for Desmond to go back to the island? Will Charles be accompanying him to fight in “The War”?

Please don’t let this be the last of Desmond… 😉


What. An. Episode. With only one more season left of this great show I can’t help but feel excited and sad all at the same time. Next season should see “The War” between Jacob and his “nemesis”, the reunion of the Flight 815ers with Sun and Frank, and hopefully answer some more questions we’ve been wondering about since Season One…

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4 thoughts on “The Incident Review

  1. Nice Emzi…alot of questions…no answers.

    What i cant figure out is…if they “nemesis” was trapped by the ash ring…and if he is the smoke monster/Christian….then how do we see him out wondering the island…while the ring is still intact….which leads me to believe i dont think it was him in the cabin…or he isnt christian or the smoke monster…

    I still beleive “theyre coming” is all the the people he touched in the past…except locke…since hes not dead/bad…or good guy who knows….The war is coming or from the begginning of the episode i thought were were trying to prevent wars….ahhh i dont know i have a headache

  2. emzi, this is the kind of review I like reading! Excellent job! I recently visited your Blog. What a busy lady you are!

    I have a hunch on the cabin, I think…., but I’ll have to go back to the episode and re-watch it. In the TMBTC, Ben takes John Locke to the cabin to supposedly encounter Jacob.

    I’m just taking a guess, that Ben never went there, because he’d never spoken to him. All of the messages came via Richard.

    I am wondering if Ben or Locke disturbed ‘the ash’ around the cabin? That is when things started to really heat up. Christian then began occupying the cabin.

    I am going to try and source back to find out when it happened.

    I believe Ilana and Bram set the cabin on fire, because it would destroy the sanctuary of the individual from inhabiting again, and finding safe refuge. No where to hide, kind of thing!

    Just a thought!

  3. Thanks for the positive response you two 🙂

    Henry – You ask a good question about the ash and how, if it is Smokey/Christian living there, how he got out before the ash was disturbed. I could end up going round in circles again with all the possibilities, so I think I may leave this conundrum for a while 🙂

    And yes, “they’re coming” is more than likely the ’77 Losties coming back to 2007. This statement seems to have unsettled the Anti-Locke though, so what’s so special about the ’77 Losties that has him anxious?

    Dabs – You’re probably right about Ben and Locke disturbing the ash when they went. Afterall, I don’t think we saw Christian in there until after their visit.

    I’m just wondering, if Ben was never allowed to see Jacob, how did he know about the cabin? Did he just find it one day and thought “I know, I’ll take Locke to this empty cabin and fool him…”?

    The other thing is, the cabin has been known to have moved, and Ben and Locke were struggling to find it again when they were with Hurley, so how did Ben know where to find it when he took Locke there?

    He couldn’t have just stumbled accross it by accident… could he?

    Eeek – more questions 🙂

  4. emzi, you bring up a very good point about the cabin being moved. I am struggling with the answer.

    When John Locke has the dream/vision with Horace, he tells John where to look for the map to Jacob’s cabin, which turns out to be in the pocket of his Dharma jumpsuit. This would mean, that the cabin had not moved for 25+ years, as John found it, in that exact place the map illustrated it would be.

    After Locke goes to the cabin, was when the cabin seemed to start moving. Did disturbing the surrounding ash, (and perhaps its occupant), give it the ability to move, or, give off an optical illusion that it had moved?

    As you say, more questions! That’s the best I can come up with.

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