Does anyone remember….?

Yes the Nikki and Paulo experiment lost had? It’s almost safe to assume it was the most unnecessary thing to happen in Lost history. What if we were wrong though? What if it was the most telling story in the show? They both wanted something from eachother, neither one killed each other, they were buried alive. And do we remember Cobra? I believe thats what the show was called. It involved some type of charlies angels approach to it that had the main guy actually behind the scenes as the enemy. Plotting against everyone while handing out things for the to do. Sound like anyone we know? Thats right Jacob. And the show has had recurring spots during flash backs and during present time episodes.

Well thats just a thought. Couldn’t help but notice the odd similarity between that and whats going on. Considering that was all happening during like season 2 of lost, what? 4 years ago? not sure.

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  1. The show was called Expose… and your right it shows up quite a bit in multiple episodes… could just be an easter egg or you could be on to something… good thought…

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