Jacob’s Blessing

I haven’t been on this in a while, and I don’t know if it has been picked up on yet as such, and if it has been, then I am a fool.

In each of Jacob’s flaashbacks, he makes indirect contact with the Losties (except Sun – where he directly touches her arm):

Kate- the lunchbox

Sawyer- the pen

Sayid – places his hand on his shoulder

Hurley – The guitar between them

Jack – the candy bar

Jin + Sun – Hands on Shoulders during blessing

Locke – Locke’s Jacket

Alana – there is no contact, but she wasn’t on 815

this could be of significance as to why they ended up on that island. He triggered their decisions of what would happen next, and he knew that Nadia had to be killed in order that Sayid came back etc etc.

It is important also to note that he makes direct contact with Sun, rather thatn there being an article of clothing in the way, for example. This may explain why she stayed in the present day rather than travelling back to the 70s.

As for Locke, pretty obvious that he is the smoke monster, and Ben’s murderous act in the finale was Ben’s “true” test of judgement. The loophole was that someone human could kill Jacob, and not the Smoke monster.

Any thoughts? 😛

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6 thoughts on “Jacob’s Blessing

  1. I agree about the smoke monster.

    But isnt jacobs interaction with the losties to make them either go or return to the island.

    Sawyer- pen helps him write the letter that led him to austrailia and then flight 815)

    Kate – showing her no consequences of her life of crime so she will pursue it more and get caught and be put on the plane)

    Locke – saving his life and then to the plane

    Not sure bout jin and sun

    Also he helped them return to the island

    Hurly = telling him about the plane.

    Sayid = wife run over = life of crime = caught on plane like kate.

    Jack = gives him a “little push” like the sweet machine

    Sorry for the long post

  2. If Locke is the smoke monster than who is the man with Jacob at the beach in the begining? Is he the smoke monster to? Locke is/was a live person before he was killed and the smoke monster took on his form so that would mean the smoke monster took on the form of the man on the beach. But who is he? Just some questions for you theory.

  3. Your post made me think about how each of the people Jacob interacted with ended up on the island after the 815 crash. Remembering the Pilot episodes in season one, I can only recall watching Jack and Locke wake up (out of the list Jacob touched). They both wake up is similar fashions, laying on their backs already on the island.

    We don’t get to see Kate wake up (she says she never lost consciousness) but she looks pretty dry when we see her and she’s coming out of the jungle, not the beach.

    Perhaps the touches had something to do with their safety/location after the crash?

    The same would then apply to Hurley and Sayid who he interacts with previous to the 316 flight.

  4. If the only key to the death of Jacob was that a human had to do it, then it could have possibly been done long before the current time we are witnessing. It has, in my mind, something to do with the leadership of the group on the island. I think that the fact that all former leaders have been exiled has to factor in. A former leader of the “others” is the only person who can kill Jacob, hence why Widmore and Hawking were sent off the island and never allowed to return. Ben was the loophole…the only one who could do it because he was the only one on the island after loss of leadership.

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