Richard Alpert and Matthew Abaddon, do they have the same role?

Matthew explained to Locke that he advises people on what paths to take in life and Ben explained to Sun that Richard is an adviser. My theory is that Matthew was the advisor off the Island and Richard is the advisor on the Island. Hopefully Matthew will come back in season 6 and explain what was the miracle that happen on his walkabout. The miracle which he talked about I think is, Jacob saved his life and maybe gave him eternal youth like Alpert. Although it’s too hard to tell about the eternal youth part.

As I’m a little confused about the eternal youth that appears on the show, can those who posses it die by being harmed physically not biologically?

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2 thoughts on “Richard Alpert and Matthew Abaddon, do they have the same role?

  1. Good question i refer to Richards comment ” i watched them all die” why then did he not die also? Answer, in my opinion he is unable to die.

  2. interesting. i agree they seem 2 have the same kind of role.and we dont really no very much about them. but hopefully next season our questions will be answerd. nice thinking though, i like it.

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