The Chang’s – the answer of reason – plus – Richard ageing

Just wondering if maybe the Dr Chang and Miles are the only ones in the show who speak the truth. Dr Cheng is the one behind the whole time travel thing (he believes dan when he tells him that Miles is his son and he was in all those videos) and he tries to stop “the incident from happening”. Miles also is very knowledgable. He tells Hurley (and the viewer) how the time travel thingy works and how things can never be changed, (btw Dan sayin that they could change things must be bull cos otherwise there would be no room for a 6th seris). He also says that prehaps the “incident” was the bomb. prehaps Miles is the writers way of showing what will happen in the future (or past, im confused)

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5 thoughts on “The Chang’s – the answer of reason – plus – Richard ageing

  1. Richard doesn’t age because of Jacob. Jacob made him that way. How or why we do not know yet, but Richard said himself in The Incident that he is that way because of Jacob.

  2. The writers use Miles’ point of view to show one side of the argument about changing the past. Miles believes that the past cannot be changed but he really doesn’t have any kind of knowledge to make him anymore authoritative than anyone else. Hurley has been used to present the other side of the argument.

  3. My theory on Richard’s lack of aging is that Richard was the first person to come to the island and keep peace. To not be violent, to not start war, or cause chaos. As a reward for Richard validating Jacob’s view of humanity, he was granted immortality. The only catch was that he had to do the same job until he failed. Notice how he is always trying to keep peace, always telling people to lower their guns, or that everything will be fine. I don’t think he does this out of want, but out of doing his job, trying to keep peace on the island.

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