Juliet’s Marking

Now that we’re through season five, any ideas on what Juliet’s mark was all about?

She was under investigation after Jack tipped Mr. Friendly that she wanted him dead. Killing Danny probably didn’t help either. I thought it was a great mystery at the time and was excited to see what it’s all about, but now I’m hoping it doesn;t go as an unsolved mystery at the end of the series.

Juliets mark on her lower back
Juliet's mark on her lower back

Given that each new season of LOST introduces some new characters, I’m hoping season six is finally the year we get to learn of the Others. This story may explain the way Juliet was treated and hopefully Isabel’s (the women who came in to find out if Juliet really wanted to kill Ben) role in all of this.

Just wanted to know what everyone else thought and bring this up for discussion again.

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Damon Cuse

I got hooked on LOST when I visited my aunt and uncle in Honolulu for New Year's in between seasons one and two. They were big LOST fans because of the filming locale. A week later I had watched the entire first season and was starving for more.

4 thoughts on “Juliet’s Marking

  1. This picture is so nauseating to me.

    But well used, nonetheless.

    I agree that this whole marking incident could stand to be resolved. I had kind of hoped that it had something to do with her being an Other that would travel through time and that it would be used for those purposes and her being a bit of a snake. If ‘dead is dead’ with her, then I’m worried it could go unresolved.

    But you do bring up another thing that it is VERY possible, IMO. And that is the idea that Season 6 could give more story to the Others, and considering what we saw of the DI this season…it would make sense.

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