Richard Alpert a racist?

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Richard supposedly came from the Black Rock which we know is a Slave ship. If Richard actually came from this ship he was probably bringing some ethnics over to his home, which would make him a racist. Slavers considered the slaves to be less then people, which was actually quite common for the period. Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened that way and we’d be driving hydro cars and going to work on monorails and sky trains, holding hands with Russians and Iraqis. It may just be some random thing, but maybe Jacob realized this was bad and he punished Richard with long life. (cuz I think Jacob is a super cool guy and not some satanesque person). maybe after realizing that Jacob punished him, and with all the time in the world, he began to think about things in a different way. Obviously that’s why hes so wise. But I think it would be a neat character development story for Richard to have an epiphany about racism. Kind of like how Sawyer goes from angry conman to security dude for Dharma, reading a book every night so he can think of a plan. And Juliet goes from slightly innocent researcher to bad ass chick with a crazy ability to flip Kate when she tries to attack her with a pool cue. after all, she was only bringing her a sandwich.

or maybe the writers are beyond moral stories and he’ll come to the island, the same as we’ve always seen him. But would it really be that taboo for television, to make a show that deals with that kind of a problem?


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  1. interesting but i cant see that coming into the show!!!! Only one season to go so they wouldnt have the time!!! Good idea tho x

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