More a Poll than a theory, really

What Time period do you want to/think we will see more of next season?

Personally, I want to see more about the island when it was just the natives… of course I don’t know when exactly that was. The last two seasons have been about Scientists, so we’re due for
an Others centric season.

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10 thoughts on “More a Poll than a theory, really

  1. Captain Pea, I would like to know more about ‘the others’.

    I think there are a lot of unsolved mysteries that lie with them. In understanding more about them, I think we might clear up a few of those burning questions.

  2. we’ll see the eighties and ninties because of what hugo’d dad has been up to with the numbers.He probably pushed the button for a few years.

  3. Also it would be fun to see thomas chong in the swan with hugo’s dad pushing the button for a few years.You know,smoking weed doing the hippie thing.hehe.Lost could do with an injection of comedy because we’ve had a bit from every other jenre.

  4. I would like to see more of the egyptian origins of the island to explain the statue, Richard Alpert, Jacob and Jacobs enemy etc. I would also like to find out everything about the Dharma Initiative and Pierre Chang, I would excpect to know the details of the incident, what it is how it all worked out in the odd way that it did(ie time travel, travelling back in time, Pierre remembered the incident but the losties didnt not till they went back in time). And of course as next season is the last I would excpect that we will know everyhting, every single question will be answered and we wont need to use this site anymore

  5. oh ya and also I hope Juliett is alright, I hope they dont take her out of the cast and she stays on till the end of lost and she lives happily ever after, cause she is one hot babe! 🙂

  6. I personally don’t want Juliet back, she’s very annoying and usually one dimensional.

    I’m kinda thinking they’re going to release a book at the end with definitive answers to the things that weren’t blatantly stated. Like, if they reveal something, but people don’t get it. There are still people making theories like “CLAIRE IS KATE!” or “HURLEY IS AARON!”.

  7. I don’t think they’ll answer all the questions. they’ll leave something hanging. Can’t imagine they’d do a movie, but the whole show is a big mystery and I think if I had every single answer, I’d be disappointed.

  8. I would think we get four timelines, and I’m excited for all four…
    1900ish – The arrival of the Black Rock
    1950ish – Ellie and Charles life on the island
    1977 to the Purge
    2007 and onwards, whats left to be determined, instead of revealing how what happened happens…

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