LOST and the Story of Job

Alright, so this theory is basically working off of season 5. So just off the bat, I’m gonna come straight out with my theory (well really my dad’s, but he didn’t want to bother writing it. :P) Anyways, I believe that LOST is telling the story of Job (pronounced “Jobe”) from the bible. In the story of Job, God and Satan have an argument. Satan tell God that humanity has always, and will always be corrupt, while God believes that humanity still has a chance to be pure. Then begins the long trials of Job. God attempts to prove to Satan that man is pure, and will never turn his back to god. He selects Job to be tested. God then proceeds to “test” Job, making him experience horrible things. So even at the

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5 thoughts on “LOST and the Story of Job

  1. The writers have said from very early on that the show is ultimately about redemption. Humanity must be redeemed. But who are the CANDIDATES to be the redeemer(s).

  2. my mother said the same thing to me on the phone after she finished up season 5.

    Great tie in from the Christian aspect. They really do tie so many different faiths together. Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, Christianity.

    The book Jacob is reading when Locke falls from the window is “All Things Must Converge”

  3. I agree with everything you stated.

    The book that Jacob was reading is called, “Everything that Rises Must Converge” by an early 20th century author, Flannery O’Connor. It’s a compilation of 9 short stories about human nature. It’s considered a brilliant piece of literature about the human condition.

    I ordered it on Amazon already.

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