Infinite loop

I don’t know if someone else already mentioned that but i have the impression that the series will end in exactly the same way as it started in episode one. With the main characters appearing after the plane crash without remembering anything of their life with the Darma initiative and what happened in 1977.

It is like an infinite loop that goes on forever.

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14 thoughts on “Infinite loop

  1. I think its interesting to think about the fact that in the first episode Jack was already in the woods on the island… everyone else (presumably) was on the beach… Season 1 and Season 5 start almost exactly the same… but honestly I hope the show doesnt end like this, that would be kind of a let down.

  2. yeah i`m sure i`ve read something similar on this site somewhere before? that doesnt matter though i dont mind reading similar theories. i agree with you i think it may end where it began? eko rocks

  3. Season 1 and season 5 didn’t start the same way.
    If the show does end this way, it will be just an afterthought. Just like it is in the Dark Tower book series by Stephen King. We will get our resolution to this story in the Finale. If we get this too, so be it.

  4. i came across a little video showing christian shephard dressed in his black suit coming out of the jungle calling for vincent..walt’s dog. and as he pats the dog he tells the dog: go wake him up. now he knows what to do.

    in season one i think we see vincent waking up jack in the middle of the jungle….

    could this be the end?

  5. This theory has been kicking around for awhile on variouse sites but it is very interesting to see the different takes on it. As far as the video goes, I saw it on the Season 4 dvd with all the extras.

  6. I dont think it will end this way. The writers brought in the loop to show you what happened in Dharma days but once the losties get back to the right time, they’ll move on with the story

  7. I don’t believe that the losties will ever get back in the right time (not until the last episode of the series). Think about what Miles said on the last episode of Season 5: “Has it occur to any of you that your buddy is actually going to cause the thing he says he is trying to prevent”. This comment shows that whatever the characters are doing or trying to do in 1977 actually is causing what we show in Season 1 – 4. Although they believe that they can change the future they actually cannot. Think also that many of the things on the first 4 Seasons were caused one way or another from the losties.

  8. You could be right cadmus but I believe they’re transported back to 2007. The writers themselves said that the time skipping/travel is done with this season.

  9. One last comment remember that when Ben was shot as a chld, Richard said that he will not remember anything after that (That is the reason that Ben does not remember being shot by Sahid). Maybe the same thing happens to Jack on the pilot of the series. His memory is just erased.
    And actually in my opinion what really matters is the character stories and how those stories blend together. After all LOST is a story about people/life.

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