Who was John Locke talking with?

English is not my best asset but let’s try to explain my point of view! I was thinking about something. A lot of people says that John was from the Beginning just doing what Jacob’s rival wanted him to do. Ok, I think it is true but partially. John was manipulated, seing what the Rival wanted him to see, doing what the rival wanted him to do. But, were all the vision of the same kind? I mean if we agree with the theory of the game, White against Black, using Pawns, Jacob and the Rival must be equal in the game. They can use the same means. The island John as spoken with could be the Rival, and also Jacob. How to explain a few visions of John, if it was just the Rival? Why has he to save Mister Eko? He was killed anyway by smoke monster. But it was a redemption for John. And ‘look up to the North, John” couldn’t be the action of the Rival, could it be? The vision John had of Walt , was it the fact of the Rival too? I have my doubts. I have already written it in a coment, but Walt and John have something in common. Both different and special. They are connected, John seing Walt on the island, and Walt seing John in the real world. And it leads me to my last question: When Walt told John that people on the island wanted to harm him, whom was he talking about? Fake Locke, or the real one? In the past (Before John died) or in the future (as John came back on the island)? I think that Walt was actually speaking of the real Locke as he came back. Which means that John has still a role to play in the 6th season. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Who was John Locke talking with?

  1. i think john will have a role 2 play next season. i think jacob new locke was special, thats why richard was sent 2 check him out when locke was a child. 4 some reason though richard could`nt see it? as for walt though i really hope we see more of him nxt season as i feel i need more answers about him. eko rocks

  2. I agree and think John has been majorly influenced by the man in black who believes in destiny, not free-will. This is why John is such a man of destiny, he has been falsely coerced by the MIB.

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