Christian+Locke, same deal?

i was eating cereal this morning and out of nowhere a theory came to me (random, but thats how i get all my theories). Please read it and comment!
Okay so with flight 815 jack brought his dad in a coffin with him. When they landed on the island and jack found the coffin, he was gone. then Christian was showing up everywhere on the island and a lot of the time he was in the cabin. Now don’t get me wrong i sill think he’s a bad guy and part of something on the island (maybe not others though), but i believe the black smoke (guy in the beginning of finale) was in the form of Christian the whole time they were on the island cause he was using different ways to get to Jacob! Think about it. And the same thing with 316 and Locke, the black smoke guy was in the form o Locke trying to get to jacob and it worked that time… but why?
please comment what you think 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Christian+Locke, same deal?

  1. Good point. But there seems to be one difference between the two cases: Christian disappeared from his coffin, Locke didn’t…

  2. Yeah, I guess its still up in the air. I however believe Christian died in Australia and that was the end of him. What we’ve seen since isn’t him. Also he has no connection to the island except thru Jack.

  3. But what if Christian did have a connection with the island before Jack? What if he died to make sure Jack got to the island for some reason?

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